How to change transmission fluid on Nissan Sentra

Many kinds of fluids work on the car in different ways. Among these transmissions, fluids is a very important fluid in your car. It has to get proper guidelines for changing. The majority of people's transmission problems can be traced to the quality and quantity of their fluid. So when you need to change the fluid you have to change it immediately. Here are the following steps for changing your transmission fluid.

Step 1 - Check the transmission fluid If you suspect it is in dire need of changing the fluid, be certain to confirm this suspicion by checking your transmission fluid prior to performing any maintenance. If you have reached 100k miles or more and that is your reason for flushing, feel free to change the very transmission fluid.

Step 2 - Drain the fluid Give position to your 15 quarts or larger container under your pickup where your transmission pan is located. This container should catch the fluid coming out as you loosen the bolts on the transmission pan while slowly carefully from one end of the pan to the other. Do not put the container down until the fluid stops gushing out.

Step 3 - Remove the filter After that, you can easily remove the filter. If you shimmy it down and out simultaneously. The ring depicted in figure 5 below must also be removed.

Step 4 - Clean the pan After removing the pan, flow it clean to clear up any debris that might have built up over time.

Step 5 - Install the new filter Then install the new filter and carefully bolt the sparkling pan back into place.

Step 6 - Add new transmission fluid After performing this task, pop the hood and remove the transmission fluid dipstick. Next, use the funnel to distribute approximately 5 to 6 quarts of brand new transmission fluid. In order to test the new fluid, you will need to heat your transmission back up to operating temperature (approximately 150°). Do this by letting the truck run until the engine is warmed up. You can check the transmission temperature in the newer car through the information display. Among these steps, you can change your transmission fluid properly.

1. How to replace the transmission fluid on a Nissan SENTRA and MORE!

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