How to replace air intakes on Alfa Romeo 4C

An air intakes system can modify the air cooling system of the engine. It can enhance your engine power and can be helpful for your long-lasting service of engine performances. It can convert the compressed, super-heated, boosted intake air leaving the compressor outlet of the turbo into cooler, denser oxygen for the engine to ingest. Here are given some steps for installing the air intake in your car.

Step 1- Remove the three 10mm bolts holding the throttle body cover.

Step 2- Loosen the factory hose clamp on the throttle body, and the 3/4" idle air bypass hose and the 5/8" breather hose. On some 04-05 models the IAB is not present.

Step 3- Unplug the IAT sensor and remove the intake duct from the engine. On some 04-05 models the IAT sensor is not present.

Step 4- Lift air filter housing by pulling straight up it is held in place with 2 rubber grommets. On the backside of the canister is the MAF harness. Unplug the harness from the vehicle and remove it. Save items for future use if needed.

Step 5- Remove the 8mm bolt that secures the cruise control. Insert the plastic spacers into the rubber grommets. On the 04-05 models there is no cruise control bracket. An m6 screw and washer are provided.

Step 6- Install the hump coupler and clamps on the air filter housing and install the 3" straight coupler and clamp on the throttle body.

Step 7- Install the rubber grommet into the IAT sensor location. Reinstall the IAT sensor and reconnect the harness. At this time plug the MAF sensor into the harness and secure the harness on the side of the housing with the included mounting holes. If you do not have an IAT sensor use the provided grommet and cap to seal the opening.

Step 8- Install the 3/4" idle air bypass hose and the 5/8" breather hose on the intake tube and tighten down clamps. If you do not have an idle air bypass valve seal with the provided 3/4" vacuum cap. Install air filter and tighten down the clamp.

Step 9- Place enclosed CARB EO stickers on a clean/smooth surface near the intake system. EO identification label is required to pass the smog test inspection. Your installation is now complete. Close hood slowly to verify hood clearance. Check and retighten connections and filter after a few hours of operation. This is how you can install the air intake in your car easily.

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