How to replace leaf spings on GMC Sierra 2500 HD

Leaf springs are an important part of the suspension of your vehicle. They are in place to support the weight of the vehicle, keep the tires on the road by regulating wheelbase lengths while accelerating and braking, control ride height and controls axle damping. Here is a basic step by step guide to installing leaf springs.

Step 1 - Before spring installation you will have to prepare your old suspension. You should begin to prepare at least 3 days before you remove the old springs. The old leaves may be rusted on; you want to make sure that they come off without damaging any parts that need to be reused while swapping the old leaf springs for new ones.

Step 2 - When the leaf springs have been prepared and you are ready to install the new ones, the first step will be to raise the rear end of the vehicle and remove the rear tires. Use a floor jack to raise the car so that the rear tires are 3 inches off the ground.

Step 3 - Next you are going to start to remove the old leaf springs. Loosen the nuts and bolts on the leaf spring bracket U-bolts first then remove the U-bolts and place them to the side. Now remove the leaf springs by first removing the eyelet bolts from the bushings. Now you can carefully take down the old leaf springs.

Step 4 - Now first, place the leaf spring in position and insert mounting bolts and retainer nuts at each end to secure the spring to the hangers. It is recommended to use new nuts and bolts as the old ones may be worn down.

Step 5 - Make sure all of your mounting bolts are secure by tightening them up. Now place the U-bolt brackets around the leaf spring and rear axle, make sure these are securely in place and the bolts are tight. Many people like to go back and check these for tightness about a week after installation.

Step 6 - Now that you have your new leaf springs installed remove the floor jacks and lower the vehicle. As long as you follow these instructions the task can be easily completed.

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