Honda CRV Oil Filters Buying Guide

The oil that lubricates and cools the engine is picked up by the engine's oil pump, cleaned by the oil filter, and reused. It is vital that any dirt or contamination picked up by the circulating oil be removed before it is pumped back into the engine. You can simply put your VIN in the search box above and this page will present all oil filters that fit your vehicle. So Honda CRV oil filters are very much important for your car.


Fram XG7317Ultra Synthetic, 20K Mile Change Interval Spin-On Oil Filter with SureGrip (XG7317)

This product is fit for:
About this item
  • Ultra Synthetic is the filter for consumers looking to get the most out of their investment in full synthetic oil
  • Proven extended protection up to 20,000 miles
  • 99%+ dirt removal efficiency at greater than 20 microns
  • Dual layered, synthetic media reinforced with a metal screen traps and holds dirt and extends the life of the filter
  • SureGrip anti-slip texture makes changing FRAM oil filters quick and easy
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific

Fram PH7317 Extra Guard 10K Mile Change Interval Spin-On Oil Filter, black

About this item
  • Proven protection for up to 10,000 miles
  • Engineered for use with conventional or synthetic motor oil. Silicone anti-drain back valve helps ensure safe engine start up
  • A special blend of fibers and resin creates a proprietary filter media that captures 95% of dirt particles that can cause harmful engine wear
  • Designed for everyday drivers who perform frequent maintenance on their vehicles
  • 95% dirt-trapping efficiency

Bosch 3323 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter for Select Acura MDX, RDX, RSX, TL, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Honda Accord, Civic, CR-V, Pilot, Infiniti, Nissan + More

About this item
  • Bosch recommends the use of Castrol motor oil
  • Exclusive FILTECH media technology screens out more harmful contaminants for greater engine protection
  • Strong steel base plates and housings prevent warpage, leaks, and poor fit
  • Silicone anti-drainback valve ensures a supply of clean oil when the vehicle is started
  • High lubricity gasket design provides a tight seal, yet allows for easy removal
  • Acura: 06-11 CSX, 00-01 Integra, 03-18 MDX, 07-18 RDX, 04-14 TL; Honda: 00-18 Accord, 00-18 Civic, 00-18 CR-V, 07-19 Fit; Nissan: 98-06 Altima, 09-18 GT-R, 05-12 Pathfinder, 99-00 Quest, 00-06 Sentra, 16-18 Titan XD, 00-15 Xterra
  • Fit Type: Vehicle Specific

Purolator PL14610 PurolatorONE Advanced Engine Protection Spin On Oil Filter

About this item
  • Optimizes engine life for up to 10,000 miles (when used with a full synthetic oil)
  • 99% dirt removal power
  • High-density synthetic blend media
  • Silicone anti-drainback valve that lasts longer than traditional nitrile to protect against dry starts and oil leaks
  • Metal end caps and center tube provide stability and integrity for greater wear resistance

K&N Premium Oil Filter: Designed to Protect your Engine: Compatible with Select ACURA/HONDA/NISSAN/ MITSUBISHI Vehicle Models (See Product Description for Full List of Compatible Vehicles), PS-1010

About this item
  • HIGH FLOW RATES: Designed to provide exceptional flow rates and a consistent flow of oil to your engine
  • VERSATILE COMPATIBILITY: Designed to operate with all synthetic, conventional, and blended motor oils
  • PROTECT YOUR ENGINE: Pleated synthetic-blend filtration media removes most harmful contaminants
  • EXTENSIVELY TESTED: Laboratory tested to ensure excellent capacity and burst strength
  • EASY TO REMOVE: Fast and easy Wrench-Off removal
  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Heavy-duty canister for outstanding durability
  • NO-HASSLE WARRANTY: 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • HIGH CAPACITY: Withstand the longer service intervals now recommended by some vehicle manufacturers
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific

Royal Purple 10-2867 353465 Oil Filter

About this item
  • Competitor cross references: Mobil 1 M1-110A, K&N HP-1010, FRAM (EG7317, TG7317, XG7317), and others
  • Vehicle applications: 2001-2019 Acura & Honda, 1992-2005 Chrysler & Dodge, 1990-2001 Ford & Mercury, 1995-2019 Infiniti & Nissan, 1992-2019 Mitsubishi, 1983-2002 & 2009-2011 Mazda, 2004-2007 Saturn Vue, 2012-2019 Subaru, 2009-2010 Suzuki Equator, make sure to check your engine type for vehicle specific applicaiton
  • 15,000 mile protection when used with full synthetic oil
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific
  • 15,000 mile protection when used with full synthetic oil Premium oil filter using all-synthetic micro-glass media to achieve 99% filtration efficiency at 25 microns or larger

WIX Filters - 57356 Spin-On Lube Filter, Pack of 1

About this item
  • Package Dimensions: 9.652 H x 7.366 L x 7.62 W (centimetres)
  • Package Weight: 0.231 kilograms
  • Fit type: Vehicle Specific
  • Country of Origin : China

Genuine Honda 15400-PLM-A02 Oil (Filtech Toyo Roki) Filter

About this item
  • Genuine OEM Part
  • Package Dimensions: 4.318 L x 8.382 H x 6.604 W (centimeters)
  • Package Weight: 0.181 kilograms
  • Country of Origin : China

Premium Guard EXtended Performance Oil Filter Premium Guard 4612EX|Fits 1971-20 various models of Acura, Alfa Romeo, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Infiniti, Kia, Nissan, Toyota, Saturn

About this item
  • Extended life filtration media engineered to deliver extended miles of engine protection
  • 99% Multi-Pass efficiency and removal of particles as small as 25 microns
  • Silicone anti-drain back valve with high retention power to help protect the engine during start-ups
  • Silicone gasket unaffected by extreme temps as low as -40 Degree Fahrenheit and as high as 400 Degree Fahrenheit
  • Special powder coating paint to ensure long durability and rough surface for enhanced grip

ECOGARD X4612 Premium Spin-On Engine Oil Filter for Conventional Oil Fits Chevrolet City Express 2.0L 2015-2018 | Ford Aspire 1.3L 1995-1997, Escort 1.8L 1991-1996

This product is fit for:
About this item
  • COMPATIBLE with Chevrolet City Express 2.0L 2015-2018 | Ford Aspire 1.3L 1995-1997, Escort 1.8L 1991-1996, Probe 2.2L 1990-1991 | Honda Insight 1.0L 2000-2006 | Infiniti G35 3.5L 2003-2008, G37 3.7L 2008-2013, QX60 3.5L 2014-2019
  • [cont.] Q50 3.7L 2014-2016, Q50 3.0L 2016-2019, M35 3.5L 2006-2010, QX50 3.7L 2014-2017, JX35 3.5L 2013, EX35 3.5L 2008-2012, M37 3.7L 2011-2013, QX70 3.7L 2014-2017, G20 2.0L 1999-2002, Q60 3.0L 2017-2019, G25 2.5L 2011-2012, Q70 3.7L 2014-2019
  • REPLACES FRAM PH6607, PH9715, PUROLATOR L14612, L14622, WIX 51365, 57002, FORD E9GZ-6731A, FRAM PH6607, PH6607-FR, HONDA 15400-PFB-004, 15400-PFB-014, MAZDA 1WPE-14-302, 90118-WB433, 90118-WBA42, B6Y1-14-302, B6Y1-14-302-9A, B6Y1-14-302A
  • BUILT for both SYNTHETIC AND CONVENTIONAL OILS. Proven to drive up to 5,000 miles between oil changes with confidence.
  • GREATER ENGINE PROTECTION by optimally screening out 97% of harmful contaminants such as such as carbon, sand, dust and bits of metal before they can get into your engine.

2x Genuine Honda Acura Oil Filter 15400-plm-a02 with Washer

About this item
  • Brand New (2) Pack of Genuine Honda Oil Filters... (2) Pack of Oil Filters Genuine Honda Part # 15400-PLM-A02 Fits Specific Honda GXV520U, GXV530, GXV530R and GXV530U Model Small Engines Fits Specific Honda Automobiles as well as specific Acura Models Does not include crush washer as we get from lawn and garden side Genuine OEM Honda Part

MAHLE Original OC 707 Oil Filter

This product is fit for:
About this item
  • Superior embossed and pleated filter media for high dirt holding capacity and low pressure drop
  • Every MAHLE Original oil filter is designed to vehicle manufacturers' (OEM) specifications and high safety standards
  • Superior structural integrity through high quality sheetmetal, endplates, and seaming
  • Pressure relief valve ensures lubrication at all times
  • Anti-drain check valve, where applicable

PG Oil Filter PG4612| Fits 1971-2020 various models of Honda, Mazda, Acura, Mitsubishi, Infiniti, Saturn, Smart, Toyota, Dodge, Kia, Mercury, Scion, Renault, Chrysler, Suzuki

About this item
  • Engineered to deliver up to 5,000 miles of engine protection
  • 96% Multi-Pass efficiency and removal of particles as small as 20 microns
  • Anti-drain back valve with high retention power to help protect the engine during start-up
  • Nitrile gasket provides a consistent seal to prevent leaks
  • Replaces Acura 8-97140-666-0, CHRYSLER 05069273AA, 5069273AA, MD135737, MD36 0935, GENERAL MOTORS 12582255, 19114115, 19317651, 25014422, HONDA 15400-611-003, 15400-679-023, 15400-P0H-305, 15400-P0H-305PE, 15400-PC6-003, 15400-PC6-004, 15400-PCX-004, 15400-PFB-004, 15400-PFB-007, 15400-PFB-014, 15400-PH1-003 Oil Filter. Always check fitment using the Vehicle Filter

ProGrade PG7317 High Protection Anti-Slip Grip Control Spin-on Oil Filter for Maximum Engine Protection

This product is fit for:
About this item
  • Optimizes Engine Life: Maintaining engine lubricating oil is a very important element in stretching the productive life of engines, ProGrade Oil filter for cars increases engine life by maintaining the quality of engine oil
  • 95% Dirt-Trapping Efficiency: These oil filters have a special blend of fibers and resin creates a proprietary filter media that captures 95% of dirt particles that can cause harmful engine wear
  • Leak Proof: Silicone anti-drain back valve for long-life and protection against dry starts; ProGrade Gasket made from ethylene-acrylic for superior leak protection and life expectancy
  • Rough Anti-slip Exterior: ProGrade Spin on oil filters have rough outer grip, So it can easily be griped by a hand or a wrench without slipping
  • Easy Replacement: These oil filters can easily be replaced within minutes just unscrew the filter with a wrench and then replace it with a new one
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