How to change grille on Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Grille & Brush Guards also called the bumper of your car. This is very much an important part of your car because it can save your car when it occurs in an accident or anything else. These are the parts that can save your car from many things. There are given steps by which you can attach a Grille & Brush Guards easily.

Step 1: Pull out plastic pegs that hold the rubber flap on the bottom, but do not remove the rubber. Remove plastic punched grates from the bumper opening on both sides.

Step 2: Insert the upper support bracket into the bumper opening and bolt to the front side of the factory frame plates as washers. How to determine the driver and passenger side? The triangle gussets will face each other toward the centre of the bumper. The clean side of the angle on the arm will show on the outside. This is the same bolt that holds the upper support bracket to the frame plate. The angle in the bracket should face the inner side of the truck.

Step 3: Attach frame horn bracket using the bottom bolt installed in your car.

Step 4: Position Grille Guard on the truck by attaching it to upper GG brackets with supplied bolts. Place the Grille Guard tab on top of the upper support bracket. Align bottom foot of Grille Guard with a pre-punched hole of frame horn bracket installed in step 3.

Step 5: Attach side body mount bracket along outside of frame by sliding it up into body mount shackle. Put a long bolt, that is supplied, through the entire frame rail and into the bracket. Tighten all bolts.

Step 6: When the Grille is aligned, attach the bottom foot of the Grille to the pre-punched holes of the brackets. Reattach the rubber flap for proper airflow to the condenser.

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