How to install taillights on Kia Forte

Connecting Taillights is an excellent way to improve the appearance of your car exterior. This can change your car by looking into a smart one. You have to maintain on your Ford f150 about a good smart taillight. Here is an easy step by step guide to having the taillights added to your ride car.

Step 1: Here first remove factory tail lights assembly from your car. You just need to remove the trunk carpet cover and un-bolts the taillights. Slowly move the loose tail lights a little by a little to have the tail lights removed completely. No need to be hurried because it can hamper your way of installing.

Step 2: After that, remove all the light bulbs from the factory tail light housing and disconnect any wiring harness connected to the tail light assembly. You have to turn down the turn signal lights, brake lights, backup lights and put on each set of wires.

Step 3: Now take your taillights out from the box and try to put the tail lights back up just to make sure this is the correct part/side before you put all the bulbs back in the attachment.

Step 4: And now connect the aftermarket taillights with the previous wirings. Most of the sockets and plugs are already designed to be simply plugged and played. However, if there is any hard wiring required. Simply connect the stock red wire to the taillight red wire and black wire to black.

Step 5: You have to test the brake light, test the turn signal light and test the backup lights to make sure everything works. It is important for testing.

Step 6: Now place the taillights back into the original tail lights locations. Use the tape to hold the taillights if you are doing this by yourself. Don't bolt the screw completely tighten in, because you want the taillight to completely back to the proper position, then tighten every screw.

Step 7: That's it and enjoy your tail lights smoothly.

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