How to install towing mirrors on Ram 1500

Mirrors are mandatory parts of your car, especially the tow mirrors. It should be installed in your car properly. For installing it properly with your car you will need some tools like a Screwdriver, Ratchet, 10mm, 8mm, 7/32, 7/16 Sockets, Pliers and a Pair of gloves. Here we have described some steps about installing your tow mirror properly.

Step 1- First of all remove the two bolts at the bottom of the door panel. They are small bolt heads.

Step 2-  After that, you have to remove the cover over the door latch bolts. Just pop it out with a screwdriver and then pull it off. Remove the bolts with the 8mm socket.

Step 3- Now pop the latch out, and then with the screwdriver pop out the lock and window piece. The grey is the mirror power, the green is the lock, the blue is the power window, and the darker grey is the window locks actually.

Step 4- After that, you will see another bolt head that needs to come out. It is also 8mm.

Step 5-  And now pop the speaker cover off and remove the speaker. The cover will pop off with a flat head screwdriver and then the speaker can be removed with the 7/32 socket. There should be 4 of them for each speaker. After the speaker is taken out, remove the plug. Then there is a little plastic ring that needs to be removed. It looks like this. It was only on my driver's side and not on the passenger side.

Step 6- Now the door panel is ready to be removed. Just pull up gently on it and it should come out. My passenger side came out really easy and the driver side required a little more thin.

Step 7- After all of these, the mirror is ready to be removed. Unbolt it using the 7/16 socket. There are 3 bolts. The mirror should hold in place with the nuts taken off. When it is taken off gently pull the mirror away from the door and then disconnect the plug from the mirror.

Step 8- Repeat the process in the opposite order to put the new towing mirror back on. And then repeat the same process for the other door. Now you can install your tow mirror properly with this process. The total install time was about 15 minutes per door. It took me a little longer because I had to run and get a smaller ratchet.

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