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Choosable Engines:

What would you like to see in your engine bay would you like to see a 351 Lightning setup EFI or would you like an old-school carb Cobra setup in your engine. We're fast-forwarding now a 302 and a 351 engine.  The 351 is the gravy that everybody is going to choose anyway.  Our explorer or something showing towards you. That's a good starting point because we cannot afford the nice shiny superduper deluxe heads that costs around $1000 or 800 bucks. All right it's picking your time which one would you choose 302 or 351 one with a nice decent budget not $700. It once was because you got to be realistic so what would you guys pick compression gave it a fully the forged bottom end a more aggressive treatable roller. It is built with camshaft aluminum heads along with the dual plane intake now all this plus a lot more equal a 408 cubic inch cleveland 500 pounds of torque holy smokes made 468 on power. Now let's check out a 302 stroke - a 351 we started with a summit racing fully machined and prepped late-model om block then added off-the-shelf parts.

Components of these Engines

Pistons a Lunati hydraulic roller cam controlled all their valve trains and up top a set of air flow research. 205 CC renegade cylinder heads rested on the decks directing the air and fuel charge to them. Intake manifold topped off with an exceptional quick fuel black diamond 750 CFM carb. The engine loaded the dyno and made a 4,000 to 6,800 RPM sweep. This is cranked out 507 horsepower 447 pound-feet of torque option number three can be a 351. Cleveland broken rod lengths are the same as the factory the cylinders.

Aluminum single plane and from a two to four-barrel carburetors placing us just over factory at 357 cubic inches. We made a 386 horsepower run right out of the gate the follow-up same identical horsepower with a little more torque at 397 foot-pounds. Finally our best horsepower pole of the series 390 now you can see just like with the torque the to be had outperform the 4v. All the way up to about 4700 rpm. Cleveland is out but next up form and then he's gonna switch the heads out. Let's see the stock run the car managed to make 317 horsepower and 349 pound-feet of torque. What we found out is that no matter what windsor you have 302 or 351 you better get a stroker kit for it.  347 with the 302 and then with the 351 we are going to go for 8 but I'm gonna have on gt40 P heads or gt40 heads no matter what it is.

Taking Decision about Engines

That's what I'm gonna work with until I save another piece of change and get me some good set of heads let's go celebrate and go pick up another engine. I'm too lazy to take the heads off at this moment as I'm walking through this junker.  We're going to be taking out this engine here because why buy the heads for two hundred and fifty dollars or two hundred dollars while you can get the whole engine for one hundred and fifty dollars with the harness and ECU so it took an off that and took an off that alright.

I was planning to take this one the head out of this one and they got the head but the whole the engine that's gone. I took the engine out of this one plus the rear and everything else six on this. You know one day is gonna be a recipe for six cylinders after a while, you know and we know. So I think we got pretty much everything that we needed so now we're just gonna roll out of here but we're probably will. We're walking out I'm going to go check and see if anything else is there and I'll stop I'll get it and then keep it moving this here what is this. It is when we take it home and 20 minutes lay down all right man we've gotten everything back home I covered it up man, because you know it's gonna be on the street for a little bit so we're doing that man we going through at the situation with the car behind the scenes one of the injectors is right it's just dumping too much gas in one cylinder.

302 and 351 We know why are you going back into time why don't you just jump in and get a coyote well. We like to go back in the past we will be able to know your future. That's why we can catch a vibe to be able to move forward with some of these bills now. So we are gonna put this engine or another engine inside of a full-sized car it doesn't seem like this is a big magnificent thing it's quite simple yes it is. We want it to be special we just don't want to put something together all kind of ratty and just say okay. This is what it has to be cool it has to have a good sound it has to have a quality. It has to have the wheels that fit the build of cars of that genre back then that's the key to this whole thing here.

High configured Engine 351

Having built a 351, there are enough differences that for the money we would have rather built a 302. It all depends on your budget and intentions with the engine. There are fewer intake choices for the 351, both EFI and carb, a cheap T5 may not survive as long behind one, roller cams didn't appear until 1994. But I was building on a budget with mostly OEM parts. Easier to find parts for a 302 as well. Keep in mind if you want to modify a 351 you'll want some nice heads and an intake for that extra air flow from the additional displacement. We have GT40 heads on mine and wish we went with something aftermarket. That's the recognition we want because we're passionate about it. 302 to 351 situation and we'll check you guys on the next article. Stretch it outputting more and more daylight between themselves and the rest of the pack and Jones and Donahue go at it like every lap is the last one of the race.

If budget isn't a concern the 351 is a better option because of the taller deckheight. We prefer the 302 because parts are cheaper, theres alot more used performance parts available for budget prices. If you get a later model one with a roller cam, then any roller cam for a 302 HO will slide right in. The 351W block is physically stronger, too. It weighs a lot more than just the deck height change would indicate because there's a lot more beef-metal in it. You'd have to step up to an aftermarket 302 block to get something as strong, at which point it weighs as much as a 351W anyway.

You can know much about the differences between 302 and 351 from the video given below.

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