Solution of "Maintenance: Tire" warning of your Nissan Car


Sometimes you may see "Maintenance: Tire"  warning on your dash screen. Specially on Nissan Leaf, Nissan Rogue, Nissan Altima you may see this warning. After seeing this kind of message or instruction in the display of your car you will be confused in the meantime.  The "maintenance tire" warning light will come on when your tires need attention. 

Solving Procedures:

The tire maintenance message will appears when the customer set distance comes for replacing tires. The tire could be over-inflated or have poor wheel alignment may be causing uneven wear. You have to rotate the tires every 7500 miles for proper wear to the tires because uneven wear will require you to replace the tires sooner than needed. Tires will last for approximately 50,000 miles on average but this will require you to maintain them properly. You can do this by selecting the buttons on the dashboard located behind the steering wheel on the left side.

You can reset or set a reminder at a specific distance. You have to follow the manual book from your car if you failed to find the manual book then go for its pdf version from nissan website. You will also get some instructions from there like how to change the tire from one part to another part, how many decreases of your tire have been etc.

There are a lot of possibilities for getting this message in your car. Like your backside tire can be more damaged than front side tire it will indicate you to the message of "Maintenance: Tire". So this is simple just exchange the tires from one part to another part and these are the most important solution for it. If you see your tire is badly damaged you can buy new Nissan tire from amazon.

Here you can watch how to change Nissan Tire:

Also Here you can watch how to reset "Maintenance: Tire" message:

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