What does px to clear mean?

A PX is when trade in your current car and put the proceeds towards the purchase of new vehicle. It also provides a quick and the convenient alternative to the private sale, and by selling your old car also faster, you can get behind the wheel of your new car sooner. Most PX to clear cars are quite cheap so they put PX to clear so the price doesn't put people off.

Somehow it is also called part exchange vehicle to clear. Here it means they will consider a part exchange deal. We can describe it like old car rather than just a straight cash/ finance deal. This is the theory more advantageous like as they might give more for old car.

In another thinking to PX clear mean's they have a car that no one wants to buy. Like they can't sell and they are getting a car that at worst they can put up for P/X to clear section and at best they can sell. So they really can't loose. Most of the times here sort of car's will be the bag's of shit's with little to no mot and in most cases no tax and no chance of passing another MOT.

Moreover we can say a party exchange of a part exchange deal is the type of contract in a part exchange instead of one party to the contract paying money. The other party supplying good slash services both parties. Supply goods slash services the first party supplying park money and power good slash services.

As example good supplied several cases we would love to clarify this in part exchange for a new car alone with two hundred and fifty this was held to be a barter. One hundred and ninety two and cash then use to make up the difference to the price of the item being purchased. One hundred quarters of barley valued at two hundred and fifteen if the contract had been structured as twenty three. Twenty three for one hundred quarters of barley then it could have qualified as barter. It is the ethics of the monetary value of one hundred and ninety two to the bullocks and two hundred and fifteen to the barley that made the sale. Indeed it is not necessary even for the contrasting parties themselves to assign a monetary value to the gods for a part exchange deal.

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