How to clear check control messages of BMW e60

If you have a readout of BMW ID codes, turn the key in the ignition. Who doesn’t hate those messages? From us, you’ll get to how to clear check control messages BMW e60. Wait for all warning and failure messages to go away before dismissing them. To get to the "CHECK" submenu, use the left stalk. Press and hold the BC button on the left stalk for 5 seconds. When BMW CC-ID codes appear on the bottom display, release the button. Try Vehicle Info > Vehicle Status > scroll down to the warning triangle and click on it to see if the errors appear and you can reset it. As you continue to drive the car, the faults may reset on their own. When the traction control warning light stays on, it means the system isn't assisting you in maintaining traction and needs to be checked.

Steps to remove the blinking and how to clear check control messages BMW e60.

  • Turn the key to Position II or press the start button to start the engine. Do not apply the brakes or start the car.
  • For about ten seconds, press and hold the reset button on the instrument cluster.
  • A triangle will appear on the screen, followed by one of the service items, such as the microfilter symbol or oil.
  • Press and hold the RESET button until the item you want to reset appears on the cluster.
  • Several times, press the RESET button until you see the item you want to reset.

The service engine or check engine Light will soon mean something! A fault code has been stored in the car's internal diagnostic system to alert you to a potential problem. You can either take the car to a dealer and have the code pulled for you or purchase one of these code readers and check the trouble code yourself. These diagnostic tools are self-sustaining. They are essential for any mechanic. These tools can read and clear trouble codes, as well as reset your maintenance intervals. The SRS system can also be reset with a separate tool. Peake Reset Tools include a booklet with instructions and a code list.

We also sell multi-function scan tools, gauges, and programmers for newer cars. These handheld and dash-mounted accessories perform a variety of functions, including reading and resetting. Troubleshooting Codes these are the "smart" programmers of the future, capable of loading new versions of engine software, data recording and playback, and timing meters.

If there’s no other way

  • Remove the hood from your car.
  • Using the pliers, loosen the nut that connects the negative terminal to the battery.
  • Removing the cable from the negative battery separately
  • To ensure that the computer is fully reset, leave the battery disconnected for 10 minutes.

Any Alert System.

The Vehicle Alert System project focuses on cooperative alert systems based on timely and reliable communication in high-mobility vehicular networks. Through a cross-layer design, we gain the flexibility needed to adjust the system to the individual requirements of three chosen application scenarios. There are various scenarios in which vehicle collaboration can have a substantial influence. The VAS project is a collaboration between academic and industrial partners, and the ultimate product is the demonstration stage of the project, which implements the study findings.


Who doesn’t hate those warning messages from the dashboard? A mind-damaging alert that anyone might think it’s time to have a nightmare at the garage. Same as a child being afraid of dentists. From this article, you’ll be able to know the answer to how to clear check control messages BMW e60. And you can be free from this irritation of having the bulk of warning messages alert.

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