Trucking Companies That Only Require Urine Tests 2023

Truck drivers partake in frequent drug tests to ensure that they drive safely and are not under the influence as it may cause fatal accidents. These tests are carried out by the department of transportation (DOT) and it is compulsory for every truck driver.

Various types of tests are held by these trucking companies and sometimes it can be frustrating to go through a series of tests that is why this article provides you with all the trucking companies that only require urine tests 2023 along with every information you need to know on drug testing for truck drivers.

When do you get urine tested for trucking companies?

The drug test conducted by DOT is unusual and tests for the use of hard drugs and alcohol. A urine test is used to detect drugs while a breathalyzer is used to detect alcohol in truck drivers. This strict protocol followed does not provide results instantly, instead, the samples are analyzed. The drug test checks for the following substances.

  • Marijuana
  • Heroin, morphine, oxycodone, oxymorphone, or hydrocodone
  • Methamphetamine and MDMA
  • Phencyclidine or PCP

The breathalyzer can detect alcohol even after 30 days of use and tracks alcohol of 0.004 concentration level and above. Drivers with a legal driving license that carries more than 16 people must take a drug test, this is to put off the use of alcohol and drugs in the transportation industry for safety. 

Before employment, it is a protocol that each candidate be tested for drugs, this is to ensure that a regular consumer of drugs is not hired as a driver. Sometimes drivers may exhibit behaviors of a drug or alcohol user on and off duty and trained supervisors and managers notice this. In this case, a drug test will be conducted to rectify any suspicion concerning the driver.

If there is an accident and there are severe injuries involved, the truck driver will need to be tested for drug consumption to ensure that lives were not put at risk as a result of drug use. This test is usually carried out within 8 hours or 32 hours after the accident. If a driver has previously tested positive for a drug test, another test will be arranged before duty resumes, and after duty resumes, the returned driver will need to take 6 drug tests within 12 months and these tests are carried out unannounced. And for all drivers, a random test may be held unannounced at the workstation.

While most trucking companies are known to use urine test other pair this up with a hair follicle test. The hair follicle test is carried out to detect the use of drugs as far as 10 days to days before the testing day, this test is effective but poses a huge obstacle for drivers as those without hair are not employed. For this reason, a lot of people choose to work for trucking companies that only do urine tests, and here is a list of those companies.


  • Beelman
  • calArk
  • celadon
  • central freight lines
  • comcar CT
  • covenant transport
  • CRST
  • Dayton freight
  • Falcon Transport
  • Groendyke
  • Henderson Trucking
  • Hogan
  • Jim palmer
  • Jacobson
  • Martin transportation system
  • May company
  • Mercer
  • Millis transport
  • Navajo
  • Old dominion freight line
  • Oak harbor freight lines
  • P&S transportation
  • PAM
  • Prime Inc
  • R+L carriers
  • R.E. Garrison
  • Southern refrigerated transport
  • Stevens transport
  • TMC
  • TransAm
  • Trans-system
  • Transwood carriers
  • Watkins Shepard
  • Western express
  • Wil-trans
  • USA truck

What you should know when preparing for a drug test?

When preparing for a drug test, you will want the results to be accurate, and to achieve this, you will need to drink a lot of water and get hydrated to prevent your urine from being concentrated. If you took drugs for an illness before the testing day and your drug test comes in as positive, take a doctor’s prescription with you indicating the medications are taken and the purpose of administration. Also you can buy home drug test devices which are helpful for you. 

During post-employment, any driver that fails the drug test is disqualified but other employed drivers that fail the test may be fired or suspended. Suspended drivers will return o work after a given time and when they return, they will be tested before duty and randomly. A failed drug test can remain on your commercial driving license (CDL) clearinghouse for five years. This is an online platform that provides employers as well as government agencies access to your drug test records, records can only be accessed with your permission, but refusal may lead to opportunities slipping through your fingers.


The federal motor carrier safety administration (FMCSA) and DOT rules apply to a driver only if your vehicle weighs 26,001 lbs or more and if you carry more than 16 passengers with the driver included. You may be exempted from the drug testing rule if you operate farm vehicles, but in this situation, you will need to contact the state laws to be sure if your daily distance covered requires drug testing. And if you are under the category of owner-operator which includes individuals that run their own trucking business, you do not have to establish a drug test policy as there are no other employees.

For drivers in the owners-operator category, a random drug test will be issued by a drug testing consortium consisting of several companies and if you test positive for a drug test as an independent driver, the consortium removes the driver from a safety-sensitive work and also put them back on duty after the given time.  


The rate of road accidents has been growing rapidly over the years and safety measures must be established to prevent as many of these occurrences. One of these safety measures includes establishing a drug testing policy in trucking companies to ensure that the use of drugs and alcohol by a driver does not lead to an accident.

We have listed some trucking companies that only require urine tests in 2023 and we have explained that a drug test can be carried out randomly, during pre-employment or post-accident, or under suspicion. All the drug testing rules apply to every trucking company as established by DOT or FMCSA.

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