Parkit360 10K B2: The Ultimate Solution for Moving Your Trailer

A Parkit360 10K B2 Battery Powered Trailer Dolly is a handy tool. If you own a tour trailer, you want to park in a decent area or pass around your backyard.

Shifting a journey trailer around your backyard or getting it into the parking position during the usage of your towing automobile can be challenging and time-consuming due to the fact you'll want to show and circulate often. You'll want a spotter as nicely to ensure you don't bump into something while delivering a slender area. A journey trailer dolly allows you to move your trailer around without a vehicle's assistance and makes Parking in a tight space much more straightforward.

A travel trailer dolly is a tool that permits you to transport your tour trailer without a truck. It's beneficial when you want to transport your tour trailer for a short distance, commonly while packing it for your camping space or your garage. In addition, a travel trailer dolly is vital in case you are a tenting enthusiast because it simplifies your job of parking your trailer nicely.

Parkit360 10k B2 The Ultimate Solution For Moving Your Trailer Comparison Table

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Parkit360 10K B2 Battery Powered Trailer Dolly Utility Dolly for Easy Pulling with 2 Hitch Balls Included, Great for Camper, Cargo, Boat Trailers Details Check Price

1. Parkit360 10K B2 Battery Powered Trailer Dolly Utility Dolly for Easy Pulling with 2 Hitch Balls Included, Great for Camper, Cargo, Boat Trailers

Trailer dollies are available in a selection of styles. However, they all work in an identical essential manner: they raise the tongue of the trailer and allow you to steer it easily with the control coped with on the Dolly. A trailer dolly affords a ball mount that hooks to the hitch, shifting the tongue weight to higher wheels with better tires for greater traction. On many hand-pulled trailer dollies, the cope acts as a lever, reducing the force necessary to move your travel trailer. It increases performance by permitting you to transport your travel trailer over equal distances with less effort.

When it comes to steering, the take-care configuration of a dolly gives you loads more excellent management. In addition, a dolly allows you to make extra micro changes than a powered vehicle so that you can easily maneuver through narrow areas.

Get easy, unique Parking in tight areas with Parkit360's electric-powered Parkit360 10K B2 Battery Powered Trailer Dolly. Just engage the motor, join the Battery, comfortable the Ball Mount and go! Arrives geared up to go, right out of the container with a pre-hooked up Battery and Charger, four" regular Tires, and 7-Pin Trailer Brake Plug for safe, convenient Parking.

  • RV / camping Trailers
  • Tag alongside and Bumper Pulls
  • cargo Trailers
  • Boat Trailers - Telescopic Adapter*
  • Spring Loaded Hitches - Telescopic Adapter*
  • Jayco Trailer with Atwood Hitch - Atwood Adapter*
  • Pintle Hitches - Pintle Hitch Adapter


Stabilize, pull, and cozy trailers with this heavy-obligation Dolly; Parkit360 10K B2 Battery Powered Trailer Dolly can be quickly disassembled and comfortably stored in trunks and different compartments.

Cope with any load with a 20-inch ball mount adapter and tightening bar; 2 hitch balls covered: 2-inch and a pair of.31 (5/sixteen) inch. 12-volt battery-powered 1.5 HP motor may be switched among high and low speeds or may be disengaged to permit free. Four-inch tires provide tremendous traction on packed grass, firm gravel, and asphalt; they are not recommended for use on grades over 6 percent.

Weight capability: 10,000 pounds;

Tongue weight potential: 900 pounds;

Color: White;

Dimensions (L x W x H): 30 x 15 x 55 inches;

Weight: 100 pounds

  • Easy Operation and Precise Parking
  • Secure Hitch Connection
  • Convenient Power - Battery Included!
  • Intelligent Speed Control (ISC)
  • Outlets and voltage vary worldwide, and this product may also require an adapter or converter to be used on your vacation spot.

Parkit360 10k B2 The Ultimate Solution For Moving Your Trailer Buying Guide:

Smooth Operation and precise Parking

Using a Parkit360 Trailer, Dolly couldn't be more straightforward. Just switch the motor into freewheel mode (neutral) to easily wheel it for your trailer results. After enticing the engine into power and connecting the hitch, it's a be counted of using the Dolly's ahead/reverse toggle switch to steer.

The person faces the trailer even as Parking and can always see where it's miles—right down to a fraction of an inch. And in contrast to the use of an automobile or truck, the trailer can be parked with the hitch quite ahead as a severe theft deterrent—something this is almost impossible to accomplish with a car.

Comfortable Hitch Connection

Hook up with virtually any Ball hooked up the hitch with our quick, safe, and relaxed Stable lock technology. Packages include our well-known 20" Ball Mount Adapter, Tightening Bar, a custom 2", and a pair of five/16" Hitch Balls.

Pick a hitch ball, connect the Ball Mount to your Trailer's Hitch and tighten. Then, depart the Ball Mount Adapter in your Trailer Hitch for handy parking adjustments at the move!

Convenient electricity - Battery covered!

Our weatherproof U1 Sealed Battery is designed to lay on its face, giving the Dolly a lower profile for better clearance underneath the trailer hitch. Join the 6" cable to the battery terminals and plug it into the Dolly!

As soon as related, the virtual Voltmeter shows the Battery's power level. To recharge the Battery, just hit the Dolly into a Wall Socket to set off the inner Charger. This smooth stops charging robotically and is like-minded with any AC Wall Outlet between 110V to 240V.

Shrewd pace control (ISC)

Switch between excessive and low velocity each time for immediate or extra precise Parking—a neat feature for traveling brief distances fast in open regions or moving more cautiously in tight spots.

The motor pace begins and regularly stops for improved traction and a smoother parking experience. This selection also prevents possible damage to your trailer.

Parkit360 10k B2 The Ultimate Solution For Moving Your Trailer FAQ:

What is included in the Hardware kit bag?

Handle installation: Allen Key & 2 Set Screws. For Storing the Tightening Bar on manage: 2 Spring Clips, 2 Flat Washers & 2 Screws.

Is there any instruction manual available?

All packages include a full-color revealed instruction guide for easy installation and setup. , the virtual version available at

Can I use Parkit360 10K B2 Battery Powered Trailer Dolly with a battery?

Inner Battery smooth with Charger Cable. Activates when the Dolly is plugged into a Wall Socket. Stops charging robotically while complete.

Does this product have a brake plug?

7-way electricity plug at the Dolly that controls your trailer's electric or Surge brakes.


No longer are all dollies intended for off-road use. Parkit360 10K B2 Battery Powered Trailer Dolly is best powerful on clean, firm ground; using them on grass is trouble. However, if you plan on shifting your trailer through a diffusion of terrains, you'll need a trailer dolly that could preserve grip on any terrain you're traversing.

Additionally, a few motorized trailer dollies include a twine that should be plugged in, which can be challenging or possible. If you intend to apply the Dolly for jobs in which you'll no longer be capable of plugging it in, you will want either a manual or a battery-powered kind.

If you want to move your trailer over choppy or slanted terrain, ensure you pick out a dolly with brakes. You'll also need to provide your Dolly has adequate speed and power to transport the trailer over any barriers.

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