The Cheapest Way to Replace a BMW Key

BMW keys were easy to make back in the day, and when you had your original key missing, you could go to a key-cutting kiosk to get the job done at a low price. These days, because of enhanced security, it is difficult to replace your original BMW key if something goes wrong.

If you want a backup copy of your key or you want to replace your BMW key, this article shows you the cheapest way to get a BMW key. This allows you to use our car continually without any hassle.

How to replace your BMW key

There are several steps you need to take to replace your BMW key. These steps are crucial to the process and guarantee your car's safety as well.

Step one: Deactivate your car Fob

If you misplaced your key fob, you should deactivate it first to prevent anyone else besides yourself from having access to your car. Before you deactivate your key fob, you should know that once the procedure is complete, your key fob becomes useless. So it is important to thoroughly search for it before taking a step towards deactivating it. 

Visit the nearest automotive locksmith close to you to get your key fob reprogrammed and disabled. This prevents anyone else from having access to your car. These days, you can book a coding session online to help you deactivate your key fob easily.

Step two: Replace your Car fob battery

If you think your key fob is damaged, you can try replacing the battery to confirm that it is a minor issue.

Step three: Ordering a new key fob

Ordering your key fob from your car’s manufacturer can be very expensive, so the cheapest way to get a BMW key is to consider an automotive company that specializes in spare parts and replacement. Through a dealership, you can acquire a new key fob at a much lower rate than you will with your car’s manufacturer. You can also get an internal car blade in addition to your key fob, just in case your fob battery runs.

Step four: activating your new BMW key fob

For your new key fob to start working, you need to activate it. For your BMW car, hold up the fob to the side of the steering column where the key icon is drawn. Press and hold the start/stop button until the no key warning disappears, and then for confirmation, press the start-stop button one more time. On your idrive system, you will be prompted to name your new key fob. If you want comfort access, you can contact your automotive dealership to take care of this issue for you.

If this activation method isn’t working out, it may be because you still have your damaged or old key fob close by. You will need to take this key fob out of range to activate the new one. 

How to replace the battery of your key fob

Sometimes, BMW car users often think their car fobs are broken or damaged, meanwhile, the reality of the situation is that it has a dead battery. Fortunately, changing the battery is easy and is something you can do on your own. 

As you know, different models of BMW have their key fobs so you will need different types of batteries and methods for replacement.

For a BMW smart key, you will need a CR2450 battery. Remove the metal blade key from the key fob and then remove the back cover. Take out the old battery and replace it with the new battery.

Replacing the battery of the comfort access key

The comfort access key is used in various BMW models like the 1,3,5,7, X3, X5, and X6 series and this key fob requires a CR2032 battery for replacement. To replace the battery, press and then pull the tab on the key fob to take out the valent key. With the valent key removed, you should be able to see a tiny access port on the key fob, you can use a small flat screwdriver to remove the battery cover. Once the battery cover is out, you can replace it with the new battery you have now.

Replacing the battery of the non-comfort access key

Any BMW with an indent on the side is rechargeable. This means there is no need to open the key fob and replace the battery and all you need to do is power it for good performance. BMW keys under this category charge when inserted into the ignition, this implies that charging is done every time you drive. However, when this battery dies and refuses to charge even when in the ignition, you will need to visit a technician to get it repaired or replaced. 

Replacing the battery of a slant BMW key

This key is used with older models of BMW like the 2011 - 2017 F series models like the 3, 5, and 7 series as well as the X3 model. Like the comfort access key, you need a CR2032 battery for replacement and you can start this process by pressing the button that takes out the valet key. A small groove is visible after removing the valet key, use the valet key to turn this groove in a clockwise manner. Using a flat screwdriver, you can take out the battery cover and remove the old battery, then you put in the new battery.

Functions of your BMW key fob

You may think that all your key fob does is unlock your car, but its performance goes beyond this function. This section explores the functions of your key fob and why it is important.

Personal driver profile

We all know how stressful it is to continuously adjust the driving seat when sharing your BMW with someone else. However, BMW key fobs have helped to solve this problem. When each driver uses their key fob associated with their seat position, the seat automatically slides into place when they unlock the car. 

Control windows, sunroofs, and mirrors

You can draw down your windows to enjoy some fresh air on a sunny day or you can fold your winged mirror to avoid damage caused by passing vehicles with your key fob. You can activate these functions by pressing down on the lock and unlock buttons. This functionality is available for specific BMW models in specific locations, so be sure to know about your car’s compatibility to know if you have this feature. 

BMW iPhone digital key

The newest BMW models are capable of integrating with your iPhone to form digital keys. A digital key enables you to unlock and drive your car with a few taps on your phone. You can also use this iPhone feature to control some car functionalities like acceleration, music, and power.


our BMW key is very important to you because it is important for unlocking and starting your car. When it gets missing or damaged, your next move is to get a replacement. This article should have thought you about the cheapest way to replace a BMW key which is to consult an automotive company that deals with spare parts and replacement. This is way cheaper than getting a replacement from your car’s manufacturer.

If you are having an issue with the battery of your BMW key fob, this article gives a detailed process about how to replace the battery for various models, this way you solve your key issue without complete replacement. If you aren’t aware of other things your BMW key fob can do we have described the capabilities of this key fob.