Ford is offering latest security technology

Ford puma is now offering you the latest security technology to ensure more safety. You will be able to see what the roadway further ahead and around the corner offers.

This technology is called Local Hazard Information (LHI) which warns the driver of potential hazards and conditions in the road ahead. It is based on cloud-stored communication between all connected cars, regardless of the car brand and thus represents an important step in enhancing road safety.

Because of the car’s built-in FordPass connect modem (standard equipment), you will get information about local incidents and hazards directly even when the incident is not yet visible to the driver.

The director product development at Ford Europe Joerg Beyer says, “What makes Local Hazard Information something special is that the system consists of all the cars connected to its cloud technology. Therefore, there is no need for third-party systems, which makes it a major security step forward. The warning notifications will also be very specific and relevant to your particular route.”

You will get the notifications of the navigation system automatically and they will be updated continuously from HERE technology, which receives data from both authorities and other vehicles connected to the cloud system.

When you are on the road, it will give you the notifications of road-works warning, emergency vehicles, and animals or pedestrians on the roadway. It will also notify you if an oncoming car’s airbag has just been released. The more cars connected to the cloud network, the more efficient the system is.

The company expects Local Hazard Information will be introduced across 80 percent of Ford's passenger cars by 2020.