How do I install an inverter?

Before installing an inverter to your car you should make a decision either you want to install it temporarily or permanently. Be ready to learn both of them.

Temporary installation of a car inverter

Before installation an inverter, be sure that your car engine is not running that way it will not hurt your car and the switch of your inverter is also off. Safety glass is also important for your eyes because it will save your eyes from any kind of accident. If all are ok, you can start working.

At first, clips are essential to connect the car battery and the inverter. Connect the clips’ one side to the positive and negative ends of the car battery and the other side to the positive and negative inverter end. You need to be sure that the place of its installation is flat otherwise it can be harmful to your devices. You should check the cable of the electronic device, it fits or not to the power inverter. If not, you will find a cable that is compatible with both. Now you can turn on the inverter.

Permanent installation of a car inverter

Be sure that the place is safe, dust-free and dry where you want to install it. This will protect your device and inverter from dust. You should also bear in mind about its switch position so that you can turn it on or off very easily. Proper ventilation is also important to avoid overheating.

Now connect them with cables and be serious about it. The cables must be able to carry the energy from the battery to the inverter. Now install a battery protection fuse which is a requirement for safety insurance on all manufacturer’s manuals. If you follow our instructions, you will be able to connect an inverter to a car battery very easily.