How to change bolt pattern without adapters


With some form of instruction wheel, a bolt pattern adapter will likely come. For properly fitting wheels from one vehicle to the hub of a different vehicle, wheel Adapters are used to change bolt patterns. “6×5″ to 6×5.5″ or “14×1.5 Studs to 1/2″ Studs” are an example of bolt pattern adapters. Wheel Adapters can also be used to adapt or fit aftermarket wheels which are for a different vehicle. Adapting aftermarket or stock wheels to a trailer is another common use. If there are no adapters available, then how to change bolt pattern without adapters? In ‘bolt-on’ or ‘slip-on’ styles, hub centric and lug centric designs, adapters, and spacers are available. In order to match customer vehicles and wheels, all hub centric wheel adapters are custom built.

Wheel Adapters

A wheel adapter moves the wheel out allowing you to use custom wheels for most cars and trucks and changes the bolt pattern of your vehicle's hub. In this sense, wheel adapters do all the same things spacers do. Additionally, they change the bolt pattern to allow you to bolt up wheels which you will not be able to fit without the adapter.

Are wheel adapters safe?

After proper installation instructions are followed, many retailers claim wheel adapters are safe. After high-quality parts are purchased and alignment is performed, countless retailers and manufacturers are failing to mention the rest of the story – risking the lives of everyone on the road.

Wheel adapters are not designed to handle under these circumstances like hard cornering or heavy hauling. They can be extremely dangerous for inexperienced drivers or those operating their vehicles at highway speeds since these accessories also alter the way a vehicle handles.

How to Change a Wheel Bolt Pattern

As the name implies, the wheel bolt pattern on your car is the number of wheel studs and the distance that the holes are from each other. A common bolt pattern for older VWs and Hondas is 4x100 for instance, which refers to the fact that there are four bolt holes in the wheel and the holes are 100 mm across from each other.

Step 1

First, find out if an adapter is available for the bolt pattern that you want to convert your car to. Additionally, not every bolt pattern can be converted to just any other alternative bolt pattern.

Step 2

After that, loosen the wheel lugs which hold your wheels on. Now, with a floor jack, lift the vehicle and lower it onto jack stands gradually. Lastly, remove the lug nuts, the wheel and set the wheel out of the way.

Step 3

In step 3, place the wheel adapter onto the vehicle's hub. Then, install the supplied bolts that came with the adapter.

Step 4

In the last step, now place the new wheel that you are installing onto the studs on the adapter. Install it and tighten the lug nuts to 95 lb./ft. with a torque wrench. After that, lower the vehicle of the jack stand and back to the ground with the floor jack.


What Is A Spacer?

Spacers are little circles of metal that sit between both the whee ls and rotors to help widen the distance. A spacer that is identical to an adapter is one of the most popular misconceptions. A spacer is built for an exact bolt pattern and is used to widen the stance of the wheel, though they are very similar. Ultimately the result is to create more space between the wheel and the wheel hub.

When Should You Run Spacers?

If there are no adapters available, then how to change bolt pattern without adapters? Just because you want to add that extra space, do not just run the wrong size wheels. While ordering the right size wheels and ordering spacers, you can do that. If wrong size wheels will end up for ordering, then spacers are the perfect way to make your wheels fit your truck. 

-A wider variety of wheels

-Better handling and faster acceleration

-Better on-road performance and smoother ride

-Evenly loaded tires

How do wheel spacers enhance my vehicle's performance?

Wheel spacers are installed between a vehicle's wheel and hub assembly and push the wheel further away from the hub. Usually, they are used to increase the vehicle's width, which can help to improve handling, stability, and the overall appearance of the vehicle.

Bolt-Through Wheel Spacers

Bolt-through wheel spacers bolt directly through the wheel hub, secured with a bolt on the other side. They are often used in high-performance applications where strength and reliability are a top priority.

Bolt-On Wheel Spacers With Bolts

These can help to enhance the performance, appearance of your car and are a popular aftermarket accessory. This feature will line up with the wheel bolts on your vehicle and allow for easy installation by using the short headed bolts provided. These spacers can improve stability and handling by increasing the distance between your wheels.

Bolt-On Wheel Spacers With Nuts

These kinds of wheel nuts are a popular aftermarket accessory which can help enhance the performance and appearance of your car. These spacers can improve stability and handling, by increasing the distance between your wheels.


Benefits Of Spacers

Whenever we discuss the benefits of spacers, there are pluses and minuses for using wheel spacers on a pickup. Few benefits to using wheel spacers exist. Among those pros are:

Support Big Wheels And/or Tires

Spacers are used to support big tires for off-road rigs, otherwise they would not fit. Especially when turning, spacers will rub inside the wheel wells. Racers on four-wheel-drive use wide slicks on the front for optimum traction.

Big Brakes

Spacers are an aftermarket performance which brake upgrades feature large four or six-piston calipers. Using spacers to move wheels outward they might have wider-than-stock calipers and prevent any conflict.

Cheap And Easy

Wheel spacers are inexpensive, proven alternatives contrary to shelling out big bucks for new axles with the correct bolt pattern, or modifying a truck's wheel wells. Moreover, fenders for sufficient clearance. 

Drawbacks Of Spacers

There are some negative aspects that also come with using wheel spacers. Among the drawbacks are:

Decreased Drivability: Actually increases the angle of the rig's scrub axis by installing spacers on a truck's front end. Especially at low speeds, this increase can result in the truck being somewhat harder to turn.

Poor Ride Quality: Ride quality eventually leading to their failure, wider track can put a strain on suspension components, wheel studs.


From the above discussion, we know how to change bolt pattern without adapters? Most wheel spacers are able to change bolt patterns onto a truck's axles or hubs; including studs that wheels are mounted on. Adapters also have studs but they're arranged in a different category bolt pattern. On the other hand, Spacers will be an alternative way to adapters to change the bolt patterns.