Locked Out of Your BMW? Here's How to Unlock Your Car with Keys Inside

One of the most frustrating life events is being locked out of your car with your keys inside, and we know this because you are here today reading this article. If you have a modern BMW model and you rely on the comfort access feature, you might be in for a surprise.

However, if you are using an older BMW model, you need to stick around to learn how you can unlock your car if you accidentally left your keys inside. This article explains the BMW comfort access keys, the steps involved how to unlock a BMW with keys locked inside, and how to prevent this from happening in the future.

What is the BMW comfort access key?

Comfort access is a feature available in BMW models from 2008 till date, although this feature is more upgraded in current models. With this feature, you can unlock your car 30ft away from your car. This is because your car detects the key fob with comfort access and automatically unlocks it.

Another thing that’s possible with this feature is that you can unlock and open the tailgate of your car by just waving your foot under your car where a sensor is located. These features seem incredible and make it seem very easy to unlock your car even with your key fob inside. However, the opposite happens because your car disables any key fob it finds locked inside your car.

A lot of BMW users have had issues with being locked out of their car with their key inside and with the comfort access feature. 

How to unlock your BMW with keys inside

Whether you have a BMW model with comfort access or not, it is important to know how to unlock your car if your keys are inside in case of emergencies. Here are different methods on how to unlock a BMW with keys locked inside.

Spare keys

Some BMW users have a backup key for situations like this and if you happen to have one somewhere near you, use it to unlock your car door. 


You will not always carry your spare keys around with you especially if you are running errands. This method requires a screwdriver so you must manage to get your hands on one and preferably. For the first step, inserts the screwdriver into the door lock and twist clockwise, continue doing this until your car door unlocks.

A good alternative to a screwdriver is a coat hanger. You need to straighten the hanger and then insert it into the door lock and twist it until your car door unlocks. 

Contact a professional locksmith

If you are not confident in your ability to unlock your car door with any of these DIY methods, you can contact a professional locksmith if you know one. If you don’t, ask around. This is an expensive option, but if the damage that could amount from carrying out this process wrong is equal to or higher than the cost of a locksmith, then you should consider this option. 

Use a slim Jim

A slim jim is a locksmith tool with a long handle and body but the tip has a cure that goes inside and makes it look like a hook. To unlock your BMW car door, you need one that is 30 inches long. Insert the slim jim into any space between your car door and the frame and slide this tool all the way till you get to the door lock. Use the hook to push the door lock and open your car.
If it’s difficult to find an open space in your car, you can insert a deflated pump wedge between any tiny space and inflate this to create enough space to use this tool. 

Use a knife

The best kind of knife for this job is one that is small enough to fit into your car door and it should be pointed. Twist the knife in a clockwise motion to unlock your car.


Tips for unlocking your BMW when your key is locked inside

Being in a situation like this is frustrating, but with the helpful tips we will share in this section, you can determine a solution and carry out the procedures in the right way.

Don't use a lot of force

It is natural to channel your frustration, panic, and anger into the tools you are using to unlock the door, but this is not the best option for your car’s well-being and also not the best option to get out of this situation. Try your best to calm down and think thoroughly about unlocking the door, be intentional about every move you make with the tool in your hand and where you put it. Most of all don’t apply too much force and do things gently unless you are in a situation where force is needed. 

Don’t use tools you’re not familiar with 

One mistake a lot of people tend to make while unlocking their BMW without a key is that they make assumptions about the tools they use if they are not familiar with them. If you are not familiar with a tool required to carry out any of these procedures, contact a locksmith or a car expert to prevent any damage that can be caused to your car. 

Don’t attempt to unlock a damaged lock

If your car lock is damaged, it is best to call an expert or find the nearest auto shop to get the problem fixed. Attempting to unlock a damaged lock will only cause further damage and cause you to spend a lot of money on repairs. 

How to prevent locking your key inside your car

Here are some preventive measures you can follow to ensure that this problem never happens in the future. 

Never leave your key inside your car

Some errands are so short that you feel that it’s alright to leave your key in your car. However, this is not always the case. With the lock on, even a short trip to your car trunk can lead to being locked out. Always take your key with you wherever you go. 

Have a spare key

In situations like this, it is important to have a spare key. If your car model doesn’t come with one have it made. Aside from preventing you from being locked out of your car, a spare key is also important if the original gets damaged or missing.


It is normal to causally lock your car by double-checking if you left your key inside. Making double-checking a habit will help prevent you from being in situations like being locked out and the frustrations that come with it.


Locking your keys inside your BMW can be one of the worst-case scenarios, And after reading this article, you should have learned how to unlock a BMW with keys locked inside and  that the keyless lecture of comfort access doesn’t always work and can leave you stranded.

Fortunately, there are different methods you can use to ensure that you unlock and retrieve back your keys and we have covered them above. While carrying out these procedures, you mustn’t use a lot of force, know about the equipment you are using, or contact a professional locksmith for help when you are not confident of your skills. 

We have also provided some steps you can follow to ensure that you don’t lock your key inside your car in the future.