Jumper Cables Smoking | Reason of getting hot and melting

Jumper Cables:

First of all you have to know about jumper cables. What is jumper cables ! Jumper cables, also called as booster cable or jump lead, are a pair of insulated wires of sufficient capacity with the alligator clip at each end to interconnect the disabled vehicle with an auxiliary source, such as another vehicle or equipment with this same system voltage or to other battery.

Jumper Cable Smoke:

Poor, loose connection or too small diameter jumper cable wires can be the cause of jumper cable smoking. While anyone trying to start disabled vehicle with too thin of jumper cable can cause like melting and overheating. Here, thick jumper cables that have thick wires which create also a lot of resistance is usually the culprit in such situations. When touching the jumper cable ends to the battery, it can create sparks.

In another cases, the sparks can ignite the hydrogen gas also escaping from the battery, causing an explosion. This is not look unusual to get a spark when connecting jumper cables to the dead battery, and not also unusual to get heat from that jumper cable due to poor connections or oxidation at the terminals. Especially if the unused battery is drawing a lot of current and you're trying to start the car too soon after connecting jumper cables.

Are you want to jump a vehicle with a flat battery? If the answer is yes then were both vehicles the same voltage, most of cars are 12v and most bigger trucks are 24 volt. The jumpers start to smoke and melt just after you and tried to start the vehicle with the flat battery, if they started to smoke even before you had tried to start the vehicle with that flat battery you most probably connected them wrong. There are a lots of possibilities that the car you want to jump has a short somewhere else. If they only started to smoke once and you tried to start the vehicle they are most probably too thin and of bad quality and cannot handle the amps or the vehicle has a short in its starter motor.

What to do?

The smoke comes from overheating. Check if the cables are appropriated for the electrical current intensity or they are connected too long or a short circuit in the battery. In this case, this is the dangerous situation. So in that situation a car owner have to concern about usages and be aware about jumper cable smokes. And if you want to get good qualities jumper cables you can check Best Jumper Cables Review With Complete Buying Guide.

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