Symptoms of bad fuel filter

As a car owner, you must know that there are different types of filters in your car like fuel filter, transmission fluid filter, brake fluid filter. These filters work to remove any impurities and harmful contaminants to make the engine run properly.

From all these filters, the fuel filter is considered one of the most important things for the vehicle. When there are impurities and contaminants to get mixed with your engine oil and to end up in the engine's combustion chamber, it is very effective to remove them. It traps these impurities from getting into the engine.

After a period, these impurities become dominant in the filter and make it clogged. This clogged filter can't ensure the best performance of the engine. When it happens, we need to change the fuel filter as early as possible. But do you know the signs of a clogged fuel filter? If not, and want to know the symptoms of bad fuel filter, then you are in the right place. Today, I am going to tell you everything about a bad fuel filter.

A Clear idea about a fuel filter

Before knowing the sign of a faulty fuel filter, you should have a clear idea about the filter, and how it works for your vehicle. Basically, it is a filter that removes impurities and other harmful contaminants that are found with the fuel. When the fuel is delivered from the fuel tank to the engine, it is getting mixed with air and other impurities. Then the filter traps them to end up in the engine's fuel injectors or combustion chamber.

In the older cars, it is located anywhere in the fuel line of the car between the fuel tank and fuel injectors or carburetor. For modern cars, it is integrated right inside the fuel tank somewhere near the port where fuel exits the tank and into the fuel line. It doesn't matter where it is located, it will save the engine from the impurities.

When there is anything larger than the fuel is trying to enter into the engine, the filter traps it immediately. That's why it becomes clogged after a period. When it happens, the amount of fuel that was passing through the filter to the engine can be reduced. And the engine can't provide its regular performance.

The Probable Symptoms of Bad Fuel Filter

We have told you earlier that a fuel filter is one of the most necessary things in the vehicle. So, if there is anything wrong with it, there will be a big difference in the performance of the vehicle. And you will be able to understand it by some symptoms that are given below.

Engine starting problem

It is a very common experience for a car owner that his car engine doesn't start. Sometimes it can happen for lack of fuel, a problematic alternator, a dead battery, or faulty spark plugs. But when his fuel gauge says it has a full tank of gas, the battery is not dead, there is no problem with the alternator, and the spark plugs are okay then it can happen because of a clogged fuel filter.

The engine needs fuel to run itself. But a clogged fuel filter restricts the regular flow of fuel, or at least make it inconsistent. When the engine doesn't get the proper amount of fuel, it can cause the vehicle to experience hard starting. If you don't change the fuel filter for a long time, it may happen.

Reduced engine power

At the time of driving up a hill or going over a bridge, if you can understand something notable change in the power of the engine, there can be something wrong with the fuel filter. A clogged fuel filter reduces the power of the engine.

In these times, the engine demands more fuel. But as there is a problem with the fuel filter, it can't supply an adequate amount of fuel to fulfill the demand. That's why you can see a notable drop in engine power.

Engine Misfire

This is another notable symptom of a bad fuel filter. When the engine is under heavy load, the clogged fuel filter may cause engine misfire. If it is partially clogged, it will not create such kind of situation. But when it is fully clogged, it will make you fall to an unwanted situation.

This incident can happen with you if you need to go uphill with a clogged fuel filter. Because it needs more fuel to run the engine. Sometimes you can also face this situation with a heavier load over in a terrain.

Engine Light

The clogged fuel filter can cause the check engine light to come on. Nowadays you will get some vehicles that are equipped with fuel pressure sensors that monitor the pressure of the overall fuel system. When the fuel filter is clogged, it may cause low pressure which will set off the check engine light to alert you, if it is detected by the sensor.

Engine Stalling

The engine can start without doing any problem. However, it can stop when it is supposed to be idle. When the vehicle is running, it can pass a sufficient amount of fuel to run the engine. But when the vehicle is idling, the amount of fuel is inadequate. When you experience it more often, it can happen because of a bad fuel filter.

You must know that a fuel filter has not made to use for the lifetime of your car. It has a limited lifespan. According to the experts, a fuel filter should be changed after 2 years or 30000 miles.

In this article, I have tried to tell you every possible symptom about bad fuel filter. If you experience these kinds of symptoms in your car, you should change the fuel filter as early as possible for the betterment of your car.

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