How to replace seats cover on Ford F-150

Your seat covers after a vehicle's original interior, taking into account the placement of seat belts and manual or electric controls. If you need a good looking interior for your car you have to choose a better seat cover. A seat cover can give you a better setting position and relaxation. Here you will get some good instructions for installing the seat cover.

Step 1 - For seats with adjustable headrests, remove headrests by pushing buttons on headrest bases and pulling the headrest up or if there are holes in bases, push a wire into the holes to release springs while pulling upward. Once headrests are removed install headrest covers and set them aside.

Step 2 - The back of the seat cover will have a pocket, so you will need to orientate the cover accordingly and slide down the seat till headrest mounts are lined up. Match seams and push flap through a gap in the seat and join Velcro to the inside of the back if they are two-piece covers. Then fit the seat base and back covers and connect the webbing straps through the buckles and tighten with steady pressure.

Step 3 - To attach the seat base, there will be different attaching methods depending on if the seat is manual or electric. There will be white plastic strips sewn into the edge of the cover that will snap in behind the plastic fascia on the outside of the seat and a Velcro strap on the inside that goes around the track and back to itself.

Step 4 - The covers included will be designed specifically for the armrests in the vehicle and therefore have the same shape. Identify the opening of the cover and slide it onto the armrest.

Step 5 - Remember to make these vehicles, the manufacturers develop quick attacking systems for seats so often the wireframe of a rear seat will simply hook into a tab or a receptor and is a pressure fit. See make specific rear seat instructions below. This is the way you can attach your seat cover on your in many other ways.

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