What’s the indication of 5224 on a BMW 2011 xdrive35i?

You can quickly and effectively fix the 2011 BMW X5 xdrive35i 5224 code. It can include a transfer box problem. The diagnostic instruments and automotive professionals will also assist you in determining the source of the problem and recommending the best repair option.

Transfer cases help cars with rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive as part of the drivetrain. Through the drive shaft, power is transferred from the transmission to the front and rear axles. The transfer case is a part of the transmission system in 4WD vehicles. It sends power from the gearbox to both axles, as its name implies.

Since the same code might refer to completely different faults and similar problems, we offer you our solutions that show visuals and technical explanations of the breakdown that returns the control unit or ECU of the car, and, for this, it takes two elements: apps and adapters.

The function of the transfer case

Manufacturers recommend varied maintenance intervals depending on the type of vehicle and expected use, but a transfer case fluid service every 30,000 miles is generally safe. This fluid should be replaced more often in vehicles that are used for towing or off-roading. Any mechanical gadget that has moving or rotating parts will eventually break down. Wear products combined with oil, causing gears and other internal components to wear more quickly. Drain and fill plugs for Toyota transfer cases. Transfer case fluid changes the image outcome. Carbon buildup from cooling hot drivetrain components causes transfer case fluid to become polluted over time. This can damage a vehicle's performance, causing it to tremble or generate whining sounds when turning. If the fluid level drops too low or becomes contaminated, the differential can fail.

Fixing the transfer case

2011 BMW x5 xdrive35i 5224 code also might include the failure of the sealing. The fluid leaks and the transfer case's interior components are not adequately lubricated. The parts within will wear out and overheat over time and use. This could render the transfer case ineffective, preventing the car from shifting into a four-wheel drive. Look for the oil fill plug on the transfer case. Removing the oil from the top. Check the fill plug hole for oil with a flashlight. The oil should be just below the top hole when full.

Symptoms of Transfer

BMWs are the gold standard in terms of automotive performance and handling, so when one falls short of your expectations, it should be obvious. Symptoms of transfer case failure might assist the driver and their BMW specialist to figure out what caused the problem in the first place and how to remedy it. So, while acknowledging the symptoms of transfer case failure might be stressful and annoying, it's critical to be aware of them:

Leaks of fluid

Fluid leaks are extremely alarming because they usually mean that your car needs to be repaired. Fluid leaks in transfer cases are a problem that must be handled right away; if the fluid leaks out of the system, the various components will stop working properly. Engine noises that are strange or unique. Have it checked out straight away if you hear any unusual sounds from your BMW, such as grinding while shifting gears? This could signal a faulty transfer case.

Transmission issues

It's crucial to realize that gear-shifting troubles like reluctance or grinding could indicate that your BMW has many transmission problems that are interconnected.

The other way:


  • Connect the Autoxuga + OBD Adapter to the car's OBD diagnostic socket and look for the Autoxuga BRAND
  • Make contact with the car without starting it and wipe the breakdowns that the ECU or Control Unit saved with one of Autoxuga's six brands, which includes your car's brand.
  • The Autoxuga Professional will display OBD data in vehicles made from 2000 onwards as well as data on the diesel engine, petrol engine, and airbag.
  • We recommend that you erase all of the car's flaws in all of the UCEs for the engine, ABS, ESP, airbag, panel, gearbox, etc.


  • After clearing the problems, perform a test run to ensure that they do not reappear; if they do, repair them.


2011 BMW x5 xdrive35i 5224 code can cost you a price range of $1600 to $1700. The more you search for the solution, the more you'll have plenty of solutions. Electric motors that execute transfer case shifting in electronically controlled four-wheel-drive systems are known as GM genuine original equipment transfer case actuators. They're outside the four-wheel-drive transfer case's casing. Scan the vehicle, then go to the "vehicle management" page, then "service functions," then "power train," then "transfer box/transmission control," and finally "repair."

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