BMW 335is vs 335i: Which One Should You Choose?


As you're curious about the difference between the BMW 335is vs 335i, here are a few things we've seen and explored a bit.

Because there are dozens of crucial parts the BMW 3 series carries.

Let's check them one after another and see how you can conclude your suitable decision. So you never regret it after taking one whatsoever.

Why should everyone know the difference before buying one?

Listen, every car is built with a specific requirement for different riders, different roads, and user requirements.

And if you buy a car without clarity and understanding about the car, then you will surely choose the wrong one and regret it in future. Because many things get updated and removed from the 335is to 335i. But when they both sit on the edge of your choice, then the comparative features will give you much clarity about what fits best for you.

Let's uncover how they separate each other so you can define your choice right.


1. The 335is is designed with the M Body Kit standard version. It builds with the Rear-sculpted valance while matching the M kit's standard body color with black ABS.

As you can see, the M package added the Sport suspension. 

It keeps the steering wheel, along with the chrome paddle shift badging and footrest all together. 

The steering wheel is thicker. 

2. The second difference from each other is the exhaust tips. Where it has Chrome Exhaust, Shadow Trim and Grill, and an anthracite headliner. Whereas the 335i doesn't have those except for exhaust.

3. The exhaust part of the 335is is the modified one from the previous version. Which is not quite close to the BMW sports series.

BMW itself claims that it didn't keep the fill to make it noise free. They use a few valves to control the noises. Where The previous BMW didn't have the valve.

This exhaust is also completely different from the 335i exhaust.

4. The brakes and the suspension of the 335is remain the same. But they changed the motor mount. Which is stiffer than the 335i. BMW also claimed it was unavailable for the M kit version.

5.  Another noticeable change about the 335is is the DCT transmission from the 335i. You only get it based on some countries only where it's available.

6. The 335is is built with a turbo motor. Which is an older N54. You may wonder why the 335i uses the Twin Scroll N55 motor in 2011.

Many riders are wondered why BMW uses older ones rather than inventing new ones. But based on BMW's experience they may find it more useful than any other.

7. Another technology the 335i uses is tuned sports software. Which is no better than the 335i at all. But the 335is is designed with a torque of 332 lb-ft and 320 hp along with the 3.0-liter twin turbo. The liter is an inline-6 engine where you also have an overboost function. The overboot will deliver the 370 lb-ft for 7 seconds blast of torque.

8. The unique capacity of the 355is has an additional radiator. The cooling fan is also larger and has oil as well. Where the 335i was the smaller version. 

The radiator stays front air intake left side whereas the oil cooler stays on the right side of the second radiator. 

9. The identical part of the 335is retains the flight convertible. Because the footlight assists with strong air cooling and oil cooling you've not found it on the 335i.

10. The 335is has inside and outside unique badging/color cluster gauges.

11. The wheel is also different from the 335is to 335i. The 335is uses the 18" 313 standard wheels. But the 335i only offers the 313 standard wheels.

12. The 335is is also designed with the standard paddle shifter whereas the 335i doesn't.

13. Another request option available outside the U.S. 335is is the sunroof delete. Everyone outside the US may be able to request the series model of 3.

What One Must Consider To Buy The 335is?

As everyone is looking for the 335is vs 335i car models most of them think the 335is is an updated version of the 335i. It's true in many ways, let's explore how.


Extended Power:

The 335is includes 20% more power than the 335i. That many users have already mentioned this on many trusted forums. 

The turbocharged advanced inline along with the extended liters all features are designed with aluminum construction.

Because the car is the direct fuel injection which is just an impression. Double valve timing with the DME advanced motor technology enhance the total control system. 

You can easily control it using the DME software delivers increased torque and 320 horsepower at the same time. 

As you often need to overtake on the highway it gives you a short overboost to get your ultimate edge. 

Anyone needs to carry higher loads the torque and the increased power provides them accordingly. 

Specifications and Performance:

Another crucial component that separates the 335is is the run speed. It runs 0 to 100 km/h within just 5.3 seconds. The manual speed is 6, where you have an additional 7-second booster.

You can drive both 6 to-7 DCT speeds no matter either choosing the optimal or manual options.

It delivers 3200-rated horsepower at the maximum rate. Which easily achieves 5900 rpm when the peak torque output is 332 lb-ft. To get the 332 lb-ft output, it gains from 1500-500 rpm.

Whenever you need to drive for a high-load situation like high-speed overtaking on the highway, you have available 370 lb-ft under your control.

It's designed with a convertible 0.30-inch to 0.31-inch drag coefficient.

You have the same size rotors for both convertible to standard cups 13.2" to 13.7" for the front and rear.

Optimized Sound Technology:

As we mentioned earlier that it's mostly designed as sports exhaust technology, then it expertly increases the responsiveness and the sound. 

The rumble is developed with a low frequency to deliver a specially tuned sound that never feels noisy to the ear. The convertible also reduced the exhaust gas that is very vital for the turbocharged power plant.

Unique Interior and Exterior Design Structure:

The other unique parts of the 335is are the exterior and the interior. 

It's built with a cutting-edge convertible and coupe. Which is the updated model of 2011. Whereas the 335is keeps the new light named LED tail. 

To deliver the freshest BMW it uses the New hood, Corona rings, and Adaptive headlights. 

This updated maile claims the sport's standard, which also added the mirror caps, exterior trim 

Aerodynamic enhancement. 

You also get the standard wheel light and kidney grille on the same inside. One part contains the 19" wheels. 

To enjoy the best air management technology, it has carefully architected rear fascia’s and front. For the stunning sporty style, its healthy dose technology will present a largely better experience. 

You can feed sufficient air using the large door opening and advanced cooling system. Every time you need to guide the air and turn it into ducts, you have horizontally designed black plants. 

If you ever feel like maintaining the airflow at the high-velocity level it carries a rear diffuser. 

BMW claims it is the most aggressive model that ever fitted to the BMW-3 series. The rear diffuser body color offers an inset portion. That also holds the vertical stakes to manage the air velocity and decrease pressure while preventing the lift from the axle.


So this is all about the difference between 335is vs 335i BMW models.

If you have more questions that didn't address this article, you can visit their website and check along before ordering.