Halogen vs LED headlight conversion kit

One of the most common questions of the car owners is "which is better halogen or LED headlight bulb". It is not an easy task to answer this question at all. Nowadays, LED headlights are doing well, and in this generation, they are getting popularity to the new car owners. But you know what almost about 90% of the cars in the road are available with halogen headlight bulbs. So, it can be confusing for anyone to call one of them the best. That's why I am here to tell everything about the halogen vs LED headlight conversion kit. If you read the post carefully, you will be able to choose the best one for you.

Halogen Headlight

The bulbs are a form of incandescent light bulb which uses a tungsten filament and halogen gas. If tungsten evaporates, the gas allows it to be deposited again onto the filament. It increases the longevity of the bulb. The bulbs are too hot and risky to touch because they emit a lot of energy heat. When the current passes through the filament, they heat up. The bulbs will stop working if the filament becomes damaged.

The price of the halogen headlight bulbs is lower than other headlights because the design of the bulb is very simple. For this reason, the manufacturers like them the most, and most of the vehicles are equipped with these bulbs from the factory. Though the LEDs are doing well in the recent past, they are still popular with the users for a good performance at a reasonable price.

LED Headlight Conversion Kit

The LED headlights are made with different techniques and that's why they work in a different fashion. They also have a filament. They operate by transferring current through a semi-conductor and then emit photons, resulting in light. Presenting a bright light, these lights also generate some heat but it is not like those standard halogens. They require extra heat sinks and fans to make them cool. For this reason, the lifespan of LEDs is better than the halogens. They are physically better than the halogens because of those sinks and fans. One of the most noticeable features of these lights is that they can produce a clear view of the road.

Halogen vs LED headlight conversion kit

We are using halogen headlights for a long time and they are still the best for a lot of users. They are also very likable to the manufacturers for cost and simplicity. But the inventors are not wasting their time idly because they always want to provide us something new. The LEDs are the result of their hard work. They are made with the latest technology to provide the best result. So, we can not neglect any of these. That's why I have prepared a comparison between those two. If you know them, you will be able to choose the best one for you.

Luminous Efficiency

The luminous efficiency of the bulbs is the capacity to produce light compared to its power draw. One of the most essential things of the headlights is the amount of power produced as light, in comparison to the amount of electrical power drain. The more the luminous efficiency, the brighter the headlight bulbs. If we measure the luminous efficiency, we get the LEDs as superior to the halogens. In number, the efficiency of halogens is 2-4% only where the LEDs are 10 times better than the halogens.


The headlights are made to use at nighttime driving. So, the brightness should be the fast and foremost thing to consider about them. If they can't remove darkness, what will you do with them? According to most of the users, the halogens are bright enough to provide a clear road view but they take time for that. When they light up, they take time to achieve full brightness. On the other hand, the LEDs will not cause temporary blindness. After turning on, they light up immediately.


Because of the brightness, the LEDs are superior to the halogens. They can provide a clear road view but the problem is that they are not so good for long-distance visibility. They are better than the halogens for the close-range brightness only. On the other hand, the halogens have a longer throw which makes them more valuable than the LEDs to the people who love to drive faster. So, if you like high-speed driving, the halogen headlight bulbs should be your choice.

Heat Emission

The halogen headlight bulbs emit a lot of heat. The majority of the charge in these lights are lost in the form of heat. But the LEDs are more efficient in this respect. They also generate heat but it is quite lower than the standard halogens. The heat they emit has a great effect on their durability. So, in the feature of heat emission of those two, we can keep the LED in a better position.


If we talk about the lifespan of those two, the LEDs are far better than the halogens. In my experience, the average lifespan of the halogens is about 1,000 hours. On the other hand, the LEDs are minimum 15 times better than the halogens. They can last for about 20000 hours.


The halogen bulbs are available at a reasonable price and they are versatile. So, most of the automobiles producers make them as their choice. On the other hand, LEDs are very costly. They are almost 10x pricier than the halogens. But, if you are searching for cost-efficient headlights and willing to spend a good amount of money, you should go for LED headlights. Though it is pricier, it will work for you for a long time.


It can be also a good feature to consider before calling one of them the best. After knowing all the features, you can think to replace your headlights with LEDs. But you know what, in many states, they are not legal on the road because some of them make blind people from the other side on the road. On the other hand, there is no complexity about the halogens.


These were the major comparisons between the halogen and LED headlights conversion kit. I hope you have gotten your answer. I think those are good for different purposes. Now, the choice is yours. Buy that one which suits your demands the most.