What is the best heater to use in a garage?

A garage heater is very essential if you have a garage because it is very difficult for you to work with nuts and bolts with a frozen finger. But there are a lot of garage heaters in the market and it is also difficult to choose the right one. But you need not to worry about it because I am here to help you. If you tell me to choose a garage heater from the market, I will choose Fahrenheat FUH54 Unit Heater for my garage. Now I am telling you why it is the best.


First of all, it can be said that if you have any idea about the garage heaters, you must know its name. It is one of the most popular garage heater in the market. It is a well-known heater for its good service.


It is an industrial-grade build quality heater which is ideal for garage, workshop, basement and for outside building. If your garage is less than 600 feet, it is very suitable.

Preferable Temperature

This heater will keep your room warm when it is cold outside. It can maintain room temperature between 45-135 degree Fahrenheit. It can produce up to 20,000 BTU every hour.


It has a high-temperature cut-out system. If the temperature reaches an overheating point, it shuts-off automatically. When the heating elements of the heater warms more, its cooling fan runs automatically.


It has a thermostat that can adjust your room temperature. Moreover, it is included with a horizontal adjustable bracket. You can install it on the floor, attach to the wall or hang from the ceiling. It is also very quiet.


I hope the features are enough to prove it as the best heater. If you purchase it according to my choice, you will not be outwitted for sure.