How do you clean a greasy engine?

The engine is the heart of our car. Sometimes it becomes dirty by grease or oil. When it becomes dirty, it can not serve well. For its proper service and longevity, we should clean it and to clean it properly we need an engine degreaser. you may ask what an engine degreaser do? Here is your answer as well as how to clean a greasy engine.

Step 1

At first, we need to see if there is any debris like grass, twigs, leaves, paper and etc. If there is something like those, we should remove them carefully.

Step 2

At the time of cleaning, we obviously need to use water. Water can be dangerous for some of the electrical components. So, we should wrap those parts by plastic carefully and we need to be sure that those will remain safe from water. We need to remove our car battery from the engine and disconnect both of the battery terminals. We should cover up the exposed wirings and make sure that they are waterproof now.

Step 3

We will run the engine for about five minutes because it is easy to get rid of grease when the engine is heated. We will wait for it to cool down until we can safely touch the exhaust manifold.

Step 4

Now the engine is ready to use a degreaser. If it is a water-based degreaser, we will test a little on the greasy spot. If it works, we will spray the degreaser to the entire engine and wait for the recommended time. Then we will rinse the engine with a little water and place it in sunlight to allow the water to evaporate. Now we can remove the plastic also.

This is one of the easiest way to clean a greasy engine.