How often should I wax my black car?

It is really very tough to answer this question in a single word. I will give you the answer but before answering the question, I want to tell you that black, white or other colors are not important to consider. If they are from the same weather, they are required to wax at the same duration of time.

At first, you should think about where do you park your car. If you park your car in a garage or any other place where it is safe from the harmful elements and you drive it in a smooth road then you should wax it twice in a year. When your car faces snow, rain, and road salt at times, you need to wax it every three to four months.

If you drive your car in a snow and salt-free road on an irregular basis, then you can wax your car yearly.

Some people live in the snow belt or near an ocean. They should care about their car more because they need to protect their car from snow and salt damage. When there is no snow on the road, there is still salt residue which can affect your car through wind. In this respect, waxing your car every 15 days is very necessary otherwise it will harm your car paint.


Finally, my advice for you to wax your car every three months because it is very easy to wax and you can do it with a little amount of cost.