Nextbase 300w Dashcam Review

If you are considering the Nextbase 300W dashcam for your car, then you need an honest review to tell you if it will be worth your money or not. Fortunately, we have tested this product and we will be highlighting the specific features of this dashcam, what we liked and what we did not.

Overall, This product is a good dashcam to consider if you are working on a budget, and it offers the basics of every good dashcam: high resolution, portable, and easy to install. It has a special wi-fi feature that allows you to share videos straight to your mobile device. Reading further, you will learn more about the specifications and features of this product.

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Nextbase 300W 1080p HD in Car Camera with Wi-fi, Parking Mode, Night Vision, Automatic Loop Recording and File Protection Details Check Price

1. Nextbase 300W 1080p HD in Car Camera with Wi-fi, Parking Mode, Night Vision, Automatic Loop Recording and File Protection

The Nextbase 300W dashcam has a simple design similar to that of a camcorder as it is cylindrical and lacks a screen. It is 17 cm long and has a 6G lens that sits perpendicular to the windscreen. The compact design of this product ensures that it doesn’t sit too close to the windscreen and it doesn't obstruct your sun visors when needed as it stays behind the rearview mirror.

The camera mount is adjustable which allows you to set your dashcam at your desired position to capture images perfectly. On one side, you have the speaker and on the other, you have the power input and the SD card slot. Behind the lens, there are three buttons; the power button, the wifi button, and the button that allows you to save relevant videos to the SD card.


The installation of this dashcam is straightforward as it only requires you to peel off the adhesive seal and stick it in the appropriate position. However, when installing this product during cold weather, we recommend that you turn on your AC and increase the temperature to warm up the adhesive for a better hold on the windscreen.


The 6G lens captures videos to produce quality 1080p images at 30fps and a viewing angle of 140 degrees. This camera specification allows you to obtain videos with great clarity, but you get better images during the daytime than at night. It provides an extended field of view that allows you to see a wider range of space from the lens.

It has a great focal length of 1.8 that can record videos through dirty or foggy windscreens and still provide results with clarity. The rotational feature of the camera allows you to record videos at the best possible and preferred angle, however, to capture more details, you will need to be closer to your target object.


The speaker fixed at the side of the dashcam helps you capture audios that may contain relevant information, and this dashcam produces a wonderful audio output for its cost.

This feature comes in handy if an incident occurs and you need the plate details of another vehicle. Instead of catching up to the vehicle to properly record the plate number, you can simply call out the plate number and this dashcam records the audio.


This dashcam does not have an internal battery. This means that it is powered when your car is turned on and it powers off when your car is turned off. This power is attained by connecting the USB port to your dashcam and connecting the other end to the cigarette lighter plug in your car.


The cables are long enough to be tucked away to keep your car’s visual appeal and paired with the portable size of the dashcam, it is barely noticeable. However, for people who have no time to tuck away the cable or if you cannot do so properly, your experience with this dashcam will be quite frustrating.

An improvement that could be made to the writing for a better user experience is to make the cable running to the lighter adapter a USB cable. This improvement will enable you to use your dashcam and charge your phone at the same time.

Operating System:

You can obtain the footage from this dashcam via wifi file transfers, and this is only achieved using the Nextbase app. The wifi connectivity only works for mobile devices with an operating system of Android 8 and above or iOS 10.3 and above.

The app displays videos recorded from a day, to keep an important video, you need to push on the red button positioned behind the dashcam to lock and protect it. This prevents valuable files from being wiped out due to storage space.

Application Management:

The app offers features that allow you to playback videos with GPS data from GoogleMaps, and you can edit and directly share videos with friends and family using the Nexbase cloud service. However, the G-sensor which monitors acceleration is very sensitive when set to default settings and can indicate any little bump on the dashcam as a potential accident. The G-sensor sensitivity can be adjusted using the Nextbase Connect app.

Nextbase products are known to be expensive due to their quality, however, the Nexbase 300W is a dashcam you can get on a budget. With its great video and audio quality and ease of use and installation, the only factors that make this product less expensive are the absence of premium features like screen, GPS, emergency response, polarising filter, Bluetooth, and Alexa assistance.


Resolution: 1080p at 30fps

SD card included: 6GB

Intelligent parking mode: Yes

Wifi: Yes

Viewing angle: 140 degrees

Lens: 6G

Mounting type: Adhesive

  • Inexpensive dashcam for its quality
  • Its portable and small size prevents it from obstructing your view while driving
  • Can be used as a front or rear camera
  • Great video quality
  • Good audio quality
  • The app is easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Capable of tolerating high amounts of heat
  • You can use a 64GB microSD card with this dashcam while others only take 32GB
  • The emergency SOS feature is absent which is important to regular drivers
  • No Alexa feature
  • No GPS
  • The phone app is not always responsive in terms of connectivity


Whether you are considering this dashcam for a front or rear camera, you should know that it provides you with high quality on a budget. The Nextbase 300W dashcam review covers the details of all you need to know about this product before purchase, and this includes the specifications, design, video quality, audio quality, wiring, app and usability, and Budget. After reading this review, you should be able to decide whether to purchase this product or not, this depends on if it meets your checklist.

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