How to check spark plugs no start Porsche 944?

The spark plugs in your Porsche 944 are important components that determine the performance and fuel efficiency of your vehicle. If there are some problems with the ignition system of your car, there will be no spark generated from your spark plugs and this can cause poor car ignition.

This guide covers how to check spark plugs no start Porsche 944. We will discuss some of the causes of this problem, how to diagnose it, and some solutions to this problem.

Causes of spark plug no start

The common causes of this trouble are usually problems that prevent the coil voltage from moving between the electrodes to create a spark. Some of these problems include damaged spark plugs, cracked distributor caps, and damaged spark plug wires.

Damaged spark plugs

A spark plug can be damaged from prolonged use in which the threads are covered in grimes and bad oil as a result of running too hot. This bad spark plug will only create little or no spark which will lead to your car not starting.

Cracked distributor cap or damaged rotor system

The distributor cap is responsible for transporting sparks from the ignition coil to the engine cylinder where the combustion of fuel takes place. When this component is damaged or cracked, it is unable to deliver sparks properly which can affect your car's ignition ability. The rotor system also works hand in hand with the distributor to transport sparks.

Damaged spark plug wires

The spark plug wire which is also called the ignition cable is also responsible for transporting the sparks. If it gets damaged this can prevent the spark from reaching its destination. When any of these ignition components get damaged, you will notice some symptoms like multiple misfires, trouble starting your car, rough idle, reduced car performance, and engine hesitation.

The faulty ignition control module

The ignition control module is the component in charge of turning the ignition coil on and off to fire the spark plugs. It also helps to determine the ignition timing which is very vital to starting your car, a problem with the ignition control module will make your car crank but not start and this is because it is faulty and unable to control the ignition coil.

Bad ASD relay

The automatic shutdown relay function is responsible for supplying about 12-volts of power to the ignition coils to allow them to generate sparks. When this component gets damaged, the voltage to create sparks is not available, this renders your vehicle unable to start.

Incorrect crankshaft position

Usually, there is a sensor responsible for monitoring the speed and rotation of the crankshaft. When this sensor fails and cannot monitor the position of the crankshaft, it will not send signals to the engine control unit (ECU). When this happens, the ECU won’t send fuel to the injectors and ignition coils which can prevent sparks from generating.

How to check spark plugs no start Porsche 944

It can be difficult to detect problems like this, especially if you do not know spark plugs and the common problems associated with them. Fortunately, this section covers how to check spark plugs no start Porsche 944. The test below describes how to test if there is a spark from the distributor to the spark plugs.

Distributor check

The distributor is quite complex and will need careful evaluation and attention to work on. If you are not capable of carrying out this task, you can call a professional as you will be required to disconnect a lot of components. Give your car some time to cool off after use and you will need an extra pair of hands to get this task done. Remove the fuel pump fuse to disable the fuel system, then put a spark plug tester into the boot and push it against a piece of metal in the engine region. Your engine should be started by another person while you check for a spark. And if there is little or no spark, you have to find out the reason for this and then solve the problem.

Ignition coil check

Allow your car to cool down and after this, use the OBD scanner to check the cylinder. Remove and inspect the ignition coil for cracks and any visible damage before using the spark tester to check the ignition coils. Plug the tester into the ignition coil and fix the ground wire and then start the engine to check for a spark, while doing this, the measurement of your spark plug gap must be correct. A multimeter can be used as an alternative to this tool.

Scan tool

This is the less complex way to check for no spark in your Porsche 944. All you need is a scan tool which is a device for reading codes. Plug this tool into your diagnostic connector and check the rpm signal readings when trying to start your car, this will tell you if there is a spark or not. You can also connect it to your engine light which will display ignition-related codes that may mean multiple misfires. To check for low sparks, you should use this method.

How to fix no spark in a car

Interpreting the problem is the first step to finding a solution. Carry out various tests to determine which component is damaged and responsible for the absence of spark. Sometimes it may just be that your spark plugs are past their change interval and will need replacement.

If you are having a problem detecting the problem, then you should take your Porsche 944 to a qualified mechanic or auto shop.


If you keep cranking your engine and your car is not starting, reading this guide on how to check spark plugs no start Porsche 944 should help you diagnose and solve the problem easily. We have discussed some of the causes of this problem s well as a possible solution, we have also described some tests that can be carried out for various components to test if there is a spark or not.

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