How To Make Car Speakers Louder

A lot of car users enjoy listening to audio with a quality sound system and one notable feature of a quality sound system is that it is loud. A good sound system becomes a good investment when it improves both the sound quality and looks of your car.

The loudness of your car speaker does not only depend on installing a new system or turning up the volume. Clean power and a boost in the car performance also contribute a lot. Other upgrades that can make your car speakers loud include using an amplifier, high sensitive speakers, or installing your speakers to your car doors.

In this article, we have explained how to make car speakers louder. Some of these methods are easy while the others may require you to spend a little, but the result is the production of quality audio. We have also described why your car speakers sound awful and produce low-quality audio.

How to make your car speakers louder

In this section, we have covered all the ways to make your car speakers louder.

Using an amplifier

An amplifier is a device that comprises a capacitor or resistor and it's used to improve the power, voltage, or current of a signal. In the case of speakers, an amplifier boosts the low voltage signal from the head unit and gathers enough gain to power your speakers. It does this by moving the speaker cone in a back and forth manner but the motion becomes faster than before the amplifier was installed, this fast movement creates more sound that can be considered loud.

To connect your car speaker to an amp, first, you will need to look for a good spot to keep your amplifier, it may be at the rear of your car. Connect the RCA, remote turn-ons, and speaker wires to the power input of the amp. Get yourself four speaker wires that are compatible with your car and remove about 1cm of the wire coating on both ends. Connect one end of all four wires to the speaker output on the amp, and the other end should be connected to the speaker. The red wires should go to the positive terminal when the black with should go to the negative terminal. If you cannot install an amplifier by yourself, you can contact a professional to assist you.

Change the speakers or add more speakers

When a car is being manufactured, more attention is given to other parts of the car than the car sound system so the audio quality may be poor. In this case, you will have to purchase new speakers, and if you are not satisfied with the volume of your new speakers, you can install car door speakers.

Buying quality speakers will give you a louder audio quality and it will also last longer. The category to consider when replacing your speaker is an aftermarket high sensitive speaker, a speaker with a sensitivity over 92 dBA should function effectively, it also means that a speaker with high sensitivity will play the audio twice as loud when supplied with the same power.

Install sound deadening

This is one of the most underrated causes of poor audio quality. A lot of people with regular car speakers and door speakers do not consider deadening the car doors which can cause dampening. External noise could interfere with the sound quality of your car speakers causing the audio to sound off.

Car Speakers are installed on bare metal causing the transfer of external vibrations to your speaker. Installing a deadening will not only fix this problem but will also improve the bass of your speakers.

Adding tweeters

Tweeters are designed to improve the quality of car speakers with a decent amount of bass. You’d be surprised at how much a tweeter can do when combined with a subwoofer, it takes your sound quality to a whole new level which is distortion-free. It creates a high-sound frequency and sharpens the bass effect of a speaker. This option is another good alternative to using an amplifier.

Get a subwoofer 

If you do not want to use an amplifier, you can get a subwoofer instead. A subwoofer is loudspeaker hardware that duplicates low-pitched sound frequencies (bass and sub-bass). This means that it doubles the initial loudness of your car bass.

A subwoofer will require you to invest a considerable amount of money, but it is not as expensive as an amplifier and a lot of people prefer a subwoofer to an amplifier. An ideal location for a subwoofer is in the trunk of your car as this hardware device is large and will need enough room to contain it.


Playing quality music

Your sound system is not the only factor to be blamed here, when you play low-quality music files the audio will be poor. Music files come in various qualities like 128kbps, 256kbps, WAV, ACC, mp3, and others.

The audio file Is the highest quality and it is compatible with any audio player. This factor is often overlooked when it comes to low-quality audio, but a bad audio file will give off poor and distorted sounds

Use capacitors

Capacitors help regulate the amount of energy audio files consume. Some audio files have a high level of bass that uses a lot of energy and leaves the audio system drained, when your sound system is drained it produces low audio. With a capacitor, each audio file plays with the same amount of energy.

Why do my car speakers sound low?

A common reason why your car speakers sound low is that the initial amplifier is of a low quality or your speakers are simply inefficient. With only a little attention given to a car sound system during the manufacturing process, your speakers are not loud enough and do not produce quality audio.

Your amplifier should not touch metal or come close to one. If it does, there will be a distortion in the sound system. Incorrect wiring is also a common cause of the low sound. In a case where the positive wire is connected to the negative terminal and vice versa, there will be cancellation and distortion of sounds.



In this article, we have explained how to make car speakers louder. You can use an amplifier, but an alternative to that is to use a subwoofer or a subwoofer combined with a tweeter. We have explained how to install an amplifier including all the tools you will need for the process.

You can also use a capacitor, replace your speakers, add more speakers, use sound deadening, and use quality audio files. Using an amplifier may seem like the best option, but it is expensive to purchase an amplifier so you may need to consider other alternatives. Some common causes of a low sound system can be wrong wiring connection, the amplifier coming in contact with metals or almost touching metal, and sometimes the manufacturers do not pay close attention to the sound system causing it to produce poor audio. Thank you for reading, we hope that is article is of help to you.

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