Nextbase 312GW or 412GW: Which Dashcam Comes Out on Top?

If you have narrowed down your options to the NextBase 312GW or 412GW dashcam, and you are torn between choosing between both for your vehicle, then you need a detailed review to help you make the right decision in choosing the best.

Both of these dashcams have excellent features and build as they are designed by one of the world’s leading technology manufacturers. However, one of these products is better than the other. Based on the evaluation of several criteria, this article will reveal which of these dashcams comes out as the best. 

Nextbase 312GW

The Nextbase is a popular dashcam known for its quality and affordability. It is great in so many aspects and not so great in others. Reading further, we explore the key qualities of this dashcam and its performance in various important areas. 


This product has a portable design with its screen on display. Installing this dashcam where you can see it allows you to access and use the buttons, and remove and mount the dashcam without fumbling with the cables. Right beside the screen, some buttons allow you to control the basic functions of this dashcam like the power on/off button, wifi, GPS, microphone, and pan settings. 

Video and Audio quality


Seeing as the output of this dashcam is at a 1080p resolution, the video quality during the daytime is great as it allows you to see moving objects and vehicles. Because of the 140° viewing angle, you don’t need to go up close to a vehicle to see the plate number and other details. The video quality of this dashcam at night time is not the best as it produces somewhat blurry images, which makes it unsuitable for you if drive a lot at night.

You get adequate audio with this dashcam. Sounds and conversations are audible, but if you prioritize audio quality when shopping for dashcams, then this may not be your best option. When setting up this dashcam, you should navigate the settings and select if you wish to turn on the audio recording or not. 

Wiring and installation

A lot of people love to know whether the wiring or setup of some dashcams is simple or complicated. For this product, the wiring is straightforward. You can install the fusebox just below the glove compartment and the dashcam behind the rearview mirror.

From behind the rearview mirror, the wires can be tucked inside the cover behind the windscreen and then run all through to the A-frame to the fuse in the glove compartment. To install the dashcam, remove the adhesive seal and stick it to a spot behind the rearview mirror for uninterrupted recording. After this is done, slide in the dashcam and insert the cable to power your dashcam. 

App and usability

The Nexbase app allows you to access recorded footage for storage and deletion. You connect the mobile app on your phone or desktop using the Wi-Fi feature. You are provided with information on GPS which shows you the routes you take on each footage and a G-sensor which provides information on your speed and acceleration. Your dashcam is automatically set to a recording cycle of 3 minutes, if you wish to adjust this time, you can do so in the dashcam settings. 

Nextbase 412GW

The Nextbase 412GW is another excellent choice of dashcam with upgraded features that makes using this product easy and convenient. The qualities of this dashcam are also evaluated to determine its overall performance.


This dashcam also has a portable design that allows it to sit concealed behind your rearview mirror. It includes a screen and an SD card slot capable of up to 128GB of support. Just like the 312GW, it has a magnetic mount that makes it easy to install and remove, but unlike the 312GW, the buttons have been replaced with a touch-sensitive panel for navigation and settings control. 

Video and audio quality


This product records videos in HD quality (1440p), so you can expect better than the 312GW dashcam. The recorded footages are outstanding, you can capture objects and the details of other vehicles without the need to go closer, and you can observe the quality better when you record parked vehicles. 

At nighttime, you get better video quality with the lens having a focal length of 1.6. With this quality, you can capture details on vehicles and have decent footage overall. If you drive a lot at night, this is one dashcam you can consider for security purposes, a plus is that the HDR features help filter light and give your image more detail.

The audio quality of this dashcam is also great as it adequately captures background sounds, however, the microphone position makes capturing voices and other important sounds difficult. 

Wiring and installation

Similar to the 312GW dashcam, this product can be similarly mounted behind the rearview mirror. You can set up the wires yourself if you know how to properly do so or you can contact a professional to help you with it. Having your dashcam on after installing the wires should be a piece of cake because of the magnetic mount and dashcam slider.

App and usability

The wifi feature of this product allows you to access the footage easily without connecting it to a computer, and this is done using the mobile app. The mobile app is pretty much the same as it was with the 312GW. It contains information on GPS, speed, and acceleration. It also has a recording cycle that records 3 minutes, however, this setting can be adjusted to record footage at 5 or 10 minutes.

Another great thing about using the Nextbase app is that you can easily share the recorded videos with family, friends, and security officials using a sourced link. 

Few users have made complaints regarding the wifi connectivity between the dashcam and the mobile app, this makes a lot of users prefer file transfer via computer compared to using the wifi feature. But other than this issue, the app performs just fine. This app is compatible with both android and iOS mobile devices.

Nextbase 312GW or 412GW: Which Dashcam Comes Out on Top?

After evaluating the Nextbase 312gw vs 412gw, the 412GW comes at the top as it is better than the former. The 412GW is an upgrade of the 312GW and this can be seen by the improved video quality in the daytime and nighttime and the presence of the WDR feature which boost the image quality of the 412GW dashcam.

Another notable upgrade is the replacement of the buttons in the 312GW with sensitive touch controls in 412GW. These products are similar in every other way besides video quality and control, and they are also affordable for the quality they give.


Comparing the Nextbase 312gw vs 412gw you discover that a lot of features are similar including their design and installation process. However, their unique features and specification make them stand out and one better than the other.

The Nextbase 412GW dashcam which is superior to the 312GW produces recorded footage at a high definition quality and gives you great quality even at night time. It also has advanced touch controls for ease of use and other features to give you a great experience.