Nissan 350Z Tuning Secrets Revealed: The Most Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Car

Upgrading your car usually leaves you giddy with excitement, and why not, an upgrade calls for better performance. However, if tuning your car doesn’t go well, it may leave a bitter experience for you.

Diving into this article, you will learn all the ways you can carry out Nissan 350Z tuning for better performance. We also dive into how you can improve your car’s exterior appearance for maximum satisfaction while driving.

Effective ways to modify your Nissan 350Z

The classic look of your Nissan 350Z is great and all, but If you are more into the action features of this car like it's drifting capabilities, then It makes sense why you would want an upgrade.

There are several upgrades you can give your car to unlock its abilities, and while you may feel like some of them are important, you can drive better without them. This section explores all the modifications you can apply to your car for a fresh new look and improved driving experience. 

Exterior modifications

Exterior modifications cover those upgrades that take your car to the next level and make it visually appealing. Your preference matters in exterior upgrades, from color to parts, you get to decide and bring to life your dream car.

Body kits

Body kits are essential to give your car a cool look. A good body kit contains bumpers, side skirts, rear bumpers, and front and rear fenders. 3 materials can be used to build a car body kit. Fiberglass, plastic, and polyurethane.

  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass body kits are widely preferred because they are extremely lightweight, durable, and customizable. If you want a cost-effective option that fits your budget, then this is an ideal choice.
  • Polyurethane: when it comes to durability, a polyurethane body kit is what you want to choose. This kind of kit comes in various colors and is easy to install.
  • Plastic: While this material is not flexible, it is durable and able to handle some dents. Plastic body kits are of more quality than fiberglass but they can be compared with polyurethane ones.


One modification that stands out on your car’s exterior is your lights. You can replace the manufacturer’s light with LED lights too. For more customizable options, you will be glad to know that this light comes in various colors.



Upgrading your car tires depends on your big plans for your car. If your goal is to perform stunts or to race, then you know that the threads of your tires will wear out faster. This calls for you to use cheaper tires as you will often need replacement depending on the frequency of these activities. 

If you drive your car a lot without engaging in stunts, then you need tires that will take you all year round. The ideal tire is an all-seasoned tire. If you drive a lot during a particular season, you can get winter or summer tires.  


If you are into racing, this is one modification you don’t want to miss out on. Spoilers help to improve your car’s aerodynamics but also give it the classic race car look. This component comes in various colors and sizes allowing you to choose based on your preference. 

Interior modifications

Interior modifications make your car feel different. There are several tuning processes you can carry out to change the way your car interior looks and feels. These modifications scream your personality, and here are some you can consider. 

Sound system

The only thing better than music while driving is louder music while driving. Equip your car interior with quality sound systems to help you feel sounds from every corner of your car. While doing this, ensure that the volume level complies with the law. 

Seat covers

Seat covers are one of the popular interior upgrades you can make. Not only do they improve the appeal of your car, but they also protect the fabric or leather surface from stains, sunlight damage, and tears. You can get seat covers customized to your taste. 

Window tint

Tinting your car windows makes your car cooler and complements other modifications. If you are looking to improve your privacy and reduce the sun’s UV rays from getting to you then you should consider getting window tints. If you love the idea of window tints then you should ensure that you use them in compliance with the laws concerning the use of this item. 

Performance modifications

Interior and exterior modifications primarily improve your car’s appearance, however, performance modifications upgrade everything from the way your car sounds to the smoothness and the speed at which it moves. Here are some of the best performance modifications you should consider for Nissan 350Z tuning.

Cold Air Intake


Air is a necessary constituent for combustion and power in your car and a cold air intake cools the air that enters your engine. Cooler air is packed with lots of oxygen which increases the rate of combustion in your car’s engine, this gives your car more horsepower to improve overall performance. A cold air intake is a component that can be installed as part of your intake system. 


When talking about your car’s exhaust system, there are a lot of possible modifications to improve performance. You can use an exhaust heat wrap to protect your exhaust from heat produced by your car’s engine. A performance exhaust gives your car an aggressive sound when you rev your engine and they improve your car’s efficiency as they help get exhaust gasses out of your car faster. 


Coilovers help your car handle turns and bumpy surfaces better. While taking these corners, coil overs support the weight of your car while controlling the impact of rough movements. This component also helps change the height of your car which is one feature you may find useful for driving, especially If you perform stunts or take rough roads. 

Turbochargers and superchargers

Turbochargers and superchargers both supply air to the engine for combustion. A turbocharger achieves this by using exhaust gases to power a turbine that sends compressed air to the engine. A supercharger uses a belt powered by the crankshaft to compress air and send it to the engine. 

These components help your engine produce more air than needed and the fuel injected into the combustion chamber depends on the available air. With more air, more fuel will be used for combustion. This improves combustion and power produced by your car. Turbochargers and superchargers also give your car a rumbling sound that is satisfying when you accelerate your car.


Nissan 350Z tuning is the best way to remodel your car to suit your driving activities, this article has shown you some of the best ways you can tune your car for optimal performance. We have broken down car upgrades into exterior, interior, and performance modifications which allows you to tweak your car for appearance or a better driving experience. 

Some of these modifications will require you to comply with legal laws for road safety. You can boost your Nissan 350Z’s horsepower with improvements like installing coil overs, cold air intakes, superchargers, and exhaust performance systems. The modifications you make depend on your purpose or goals.