P1515 Error Code: Fuel Pump Control Circuit Malfunction

When you're concerned about the P1515 error code, it's okay. Because it’s directly connected to the actual throttle position or TPS. And when the TPS goes wrong it is unable to open and run the engine. Where the engine needs airflow to run and can create stalling erratic idling, or frequent acceleration surges.

To stop it from happening constantly you need to fix the error. And this lesson will talk about the error code p1515 so you can simply deal with this in the first place and keep the malfunction okay.

What Is P1515 Error Code and how Does It Work?

Code P1515 is commonly known as Control Module Throttle Actuator Position Performance. As is mostly well known as a TAC or Throttle Actuator Control System. 

It vastly uses the electronics and other components of the car to calculate, identify, and control the TAC blade position. This stops the demand for a mechanical cable attachment. That runs from the accelerator pedal to the throttle body. This system also provides cruise control functions. It's primarily familiar as an impulsive cluster. It's also known as a power module signal. At the moment, when the CAN signal occurs, the DME operation is between 16 and 6 volts.

The DME witnessed an implausible device cluster and power signal. CAN signal failure happens when the DME operates at 6 and 16 volts range. It's a faulty code of a vehicle and doesn't work for all at the same way. This means you'll only see it on some specific vehicles like BMW, CM module, etc. Still, there are many differences from one car to another.

There are several parts and components of the TAC system that include with it such as:

  1. The APP or Accelerator pedal position.
  2. Throttle body.
  3. PCM or the powertrain control module.
  4. ECM or engine control module etc.

Every single one of those parts interfaces jointly. It confirms the system delivers the complete errorless calculation of throttle position.

Throttle Body Mechanics:

The body assembly for the throttle system is mostly close to conventional throttle with some unique behavior. The first is it uses the motor for controlling the throttle position instead of a mechanical cable. The second unique behavior is the TP sensor. TP sensor built-in the throttle body assembly.

Where you'll find the 2 different signals, number one is the low reference and the other is the 5V reference. Which is designed to join the PCM and TP sensor together. The TP sensors contain 2 signal voltages, which is to maximize the throttle opens. When signal 1 decreases the body opens. Then Check the back of the ground head. Here now you need to scan the wires for the body connector of the throttle.

Find if there is any breakage, then unhook it. Take an electric spray cleaner. Now spray it both connect for female and male. If it doesn't work sometimes experts recommend to different grounds like ECBM. You can sand or clean them. If you find any form of grime or dirt of any kind use the cleaner to clean it all.

In most cases, changing the PCM primarily fixes the code. If it's not, then you only need to go the extra mile.

What is the most common symptom it represents?

When the error happens there are two places you'll find. First, it activates the engine light. 

Secondly, it sends the signals to the vehicle system.

What creates those problems?

There are a few things that the P1515 Error Code creates you'll see:

  1. It creates an improper model connection on the TAC
  2. The TAC doesn't work properly.
  3. Problems with the TPP or Throttle Pedal Position.
  4. Bend Pelt-failed.

How do you know if the P1515 is not working?

In most cases, what people face the outdated PCM. This means if the PCM is old enough it can create the error in o time.

Surely you must check the PCM first whether it's old enough or not.

Secondly, check the throttle body actuator. if it ends up can create the code error so far. Now you can check the Yellow wire, which stays on the throttle connector. And able to break from the outside. 

When you identify it, what you need to do is to hold the wire far from the connection in 5 inches. If you see it breaks or feels spongs of any kind, it means you can see the code.

Finally, check the passenger side back on the ground, it can be loose sometimes and show the code too.

What's the fuel pump control circuit?

It's the most crucial component of the ultimate drivability of the car. When the PCM identifies problems on the control circuit, it naturally shows an error code. Where the control circuit also turns the pump on or off whatever requires.

What causes the fuel pump failure?

As you can see, most commonly it happens because of electrical damage, backdated wear, fuel contamination, and when the gas, dirt, or moisture mixes with it. It doesn't show many warnings but is used as the most commonly changeable fuel system for the vehicle. 

How to test the fuel pump?

Every vehicle has a fuel injector below the hood. Where you'll easily locate the port. Sometimes it happens not to see the test port. This means the fuel line is removed and the adaptor can be useful to test.

What is the actual cost of fixing the P1515?

Most common shops charge from $75 to $150 based on the location. You know where you live. Because do not get overwhelmed with the code. It just an hour or less time to fix the code. So be relaxed and make the boy ride again.


Finally, you may understand how to deal with the P1515 error code. Yes, it's not so much to do, but as you focus on the steps we take above, you'll never face any difficulties with it no matter what.