Removing Lexus RX300 Control Panel of Sunroof and Interior Light

On a Lexus RX300, the interior light might get fused or the sunroof switch might not work. That’s why you might need to remove rx300 control panel of the sunroof and interior light. It's also possible that the fuse and the door switch are both shorted. If the interior lights continue after the door gets closed a sensor may be malfunctioning. In such a case, a mechanic can fully assess the issue and make any necessary repairs to your car.

Opening the control panel

  • Start from the front side of the rooftop.
  • Make a press by sliding the board toward the other side.
  • The panel will open up on its own.
  • Make sure you hold the full panel board slowly.
  • After it slides downward, do not rush to pull it.
  • You’ll see two wires holding the full panel bar.
  • Take your time and gently unplug those wires.


Opening the car bulb cover

  • Take a sharp-end screwdriver
  • Attach it to the transparent plastic's edges.
  • Twerk the side and it will open up.
  • But make sure you do it slowly, don’t rush, or else you might break the plastic panel.

Interior Lighting Replacement

If your interior lights continue after the door gets closed, if this is the case, remove rx300 control panel of the sunroof and interior light. Interior lights are often only replaced when the bulb burns out. Your mechanic can replace your bulbs. Some people prefer LED bulbs in their vehicles; if this is the case for you, your mechanic can replace your bulbs. To change the bulbs effectively, you'll need the right tools and expertise in the vehicle's lighting system, so leave it to the pros.

When putting on your seatbelt, your vehicle's interior illumination system comes in handy. When putting on your seat belt, reading a map, or looking for misplaced items while driving down the road in the dark, your vehicle's interior lighting system comes in handy. If you have any issues with your lights, you should have a professional mechanic look at them, as dealing with the car's electrical system requires specialized knowledge and skills.

Selecting the proper bulb

The bulb will not fit if you choose the incorrect base. You should never force the bulb into the base of your fixture; it should fit very nicely. To get the size of your base, measure the width of your base in mm and multiply by the number you get. Shape and base design can also identify light bulbs. These distinctions are important because different types of bulbs are recommended for different types of fixtures. If you're not sure what type of light bulb to buy for a specific fixture, use our light bulb identify and finder tool. To figure out what wattage lightbulb to use, look at the lamp's label. Most lamps have a maximum power of 60 watts, and you should not use more than that. Even if it's brighter than average, you can use a lower-wattage lightbulb than the listed maximum.


The replacement bulb is a DE3175, according to most websites. This isn't true. To replace the front dome light, you'll need a 6418 or equivalent bulb. The DE3175 bulbs are compatible with both the dome light above the second row and the dome light near the tailgate. This article will lead you to remove rx300 control panel of the sunroof and interior light.

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