P25A2 Error Code: Fuel Injector Control Module (FICM) Power Supply Circuit Malfunction

You may encounter several diagnostic codes when using your car, and one of the many you may encounter is the P25A2 error code. This error code suggests that there is a malfunction somewhere in the powertrain of your car, and this exact location is the brake system control module. 

In this article, we will break down this malfunction before diving into what triggers it and the symptoms you may observe when this code is present in your car. You will also learn how to diagnose this code and troubleshoot it with possible repairs. 

What is a P25A2 Error Code?

As seen earlier, this error code has to do with a malfunction in the brake control module system which lies in the power train of your car, and it further extends to the “A” module which requests MIL illumination. 

The brake system control module is a processor that takes signals from the wheel-speed sensors and communicates these signals to the electronic control module locking the brakes when skidding occurs. It also has other functions besides this.

The malfunction indicator light (MIL) is also known as the check engine light, and this light is triggered when there is a malfunction somewhere in your car system. 

With this diagnostic error code, it simply means that there is a malfunction in the brake system control module and this malfunction is sending a signal that is requesting for the check engine light or MIL to be illuminated. 

Causes of the P25A2 Error Code

Some causes of this error code include:

Faulty brake system control module

The brake system control module is also known as the ABS control module and it consists of brake tubes and a hydraulic control unit. When one of these components fails, your ABS control module won’t function optimally and will affect signal input and output relating to the brakes of your car. 

Faulty wheel speed sensors

The wheel speed sensor measures the rotational speed of each wheel in your car and sends this information to the brake system control module. The brake system control module uses this information to determine if any wheel is about to lock up and take the appropriate safety measures. With the wheel speed sensors malfunctioning, inaccurate readings are sent to the ABS control module.

Brake fluid

The braking fluid is crucial for transferring force to the hydraulic lines from your foot to the braking components near the wheels, and because of their high resistance to heat, they are used to prevent corrosion and wear of braking parts. 

When your car is short on braking fluid due to a leak, the braking system control module won’t function optimally. 

Faulty pump

The pump gives the hydraulic brakes some pressure after the valves release it. The control module regulates the amount of pressure the pump delivers to the hydraulic brakes, so when the pump becomes faulty, the control module can not properly modulate pressure to this component.

Symptoms of the P25A2 Error Code

To know if your car may have the P25A2 error code present, you may observe some of the following symptoms:

The ABS light is triggered

The anti-lock braking system warning light is triggered on your dashboard display when there is any fault with your braking system control module or any component related to it. This warning light is displayed on your dashboard as a bold “ABS” illuminated by an amber or yellow light. 

This symptom is not a reliable indicator of this error code as it can sometimes be eliminated by just turning off and starting your car, however, if it persists, you need to visit an auto expert. 

Wheels lock

Your ABS control module prevents your car wheels from locking. Your car wheels should rotate even when braking, and when this doesn’t happen it means your wheels are locked. The ABS control module prevents locking by quickly pumping brake fluid in and out of the brake lines. 

When your ABS control module is faulty, it won’t be able to prevent the lock and will sometimes cause your car to vibrate when pumping fluids to the brake line.

Unresponsive brake pedal

A faulty ABS control module will cause your car’s brake pedal to become unresponsive as you will need to press down on it multiple times to get some braking action. In severe cases, pushing down on the pedals multiple times doesn’t even get the braking system functioning at all.

Speedometer failure

A faulty ABS control module can cause the speedometer of your car to produce inaccurate speed readings which may or may not be accompanied by the check engine or ABS warning light. 

A faulty speedometer will produce a speed reading higher or lower than your actual speed, and this can be dangerous when driving at a high speed and thinking otherwise. 

More effort is needed for braking

You have adapted to the normal force needed to get your car’s braking system working. However, If your brake pedals feel stiffer and you need more effort to push down on them to get them working, then it’s a signal of an ABS control module malfunction. 

Poor traction control

The ABS control module supports a wheel that does more work when braking to prevent locking. However, when this component is faulty, the wheels get locked and your car may lose traction when making a turn. 

Troubleshooting P25A2 Error Code

Before troubleshooting a P25A2 error code or any other code, you need to be sure that this code has been triggered. You can make this diagnosis by using an on-board diagnostics (OBD) scanner which displays the error code present in your car.

After observing the symptoms present in your car and confirming the diagnosis with an OBD scanner, you can contact a mechanic to help you make necessary repairs to eliminate this code based on the cause. Otherwise, here are some possible repairs that can eliminate this code:

Replace the Braking system control module

If the damage to your car’s ABS control module is severe, a replacement will be the best option for the optimal performance of your car. It costs between $500 to $2500 to replace the ABS module on your car, however, this cost depends on the make and model of your vehicle.

Replacing the ABS module of luxury cars will cost more than replacement in regular cars.

Check for fluid leaks

Your brake fluid could be leaking and is causing the ABS control module to malfunction. To check for brake leaks, you may see a pool of liquid beneath your car, pressing down on your brake pedal may give a mush feeling, or your brake pedal may drop to the floor. There are also other signs to look out for regarding this problem. 

Replace the wheel speed sensor

If the identified cause of this error code is a faulty wheel speed sensor, then you need to replace this component. It costs between $200 to $300 to replace a wheel speed sensor, including the cost of labor. 


The P25A2 error code indicates a problem with your car’s brake system control module. After reading this article, you should have learned that this code can be triggered by a fault in the ABS control module or other parts of the braking system like the pump, braking fluid, or wheel speed sensor. 

Some of the symptoms of this error code include wheel lock, inaccurate speedometer, and poor traction and by using an OBD scanner, you can confirm the presence of this error code alongside the symptoms. You should have also learned about the possible repairs that can be done to eliminate this code and how much they may cost.