Choosing the Right Transmission Fluid for Your 700R4 Transmission

Every time you choose the 700r4 transmission fluid for your vehicle, some of the key components you must care about are to make your journey safe. It's not because we are suggesting, or the best fluid is mandatory for everyone. But when you go deep and look inside the transmission architecture, you may wonder how important it is to choose the right fluid pattern.

Unless your car may get damaged, the machinery will misbehave, and you'll find yourself in a very unpredictable situation that nobody wants. And in this article, we'll cover it all so you can make the right decision before choosing poor transmission fluid of any kind. 

Why is the right transmission fluid important?

Every time you drive the vehicle, transmission fluid act as one of the major parts to move your car machinery in the right direction. It seems a little fluid. But the characteristics of fluid are much greater which experts care about all the time.

Because if you want to stop the tear or wear of the car including the unwanted transmission issue then there is no single best friend except quality fluid.

And having the quality one inside your transmission means it allows the other part to move freely. Providing adequate hydraulic pressure and accurate friction all the way you need. Not only that, but you also experience proper engine rates at the same time. And the genuinely useful part is; experts recommend changing the transmission oil every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Which you never need earlier.


What will happen if you choose the wrong transmission fluid?

We have been watching it for long years, and almost often people choose the wrong transmission. Which can be a worst-case scenario for your investment. Because when you choose the wrong fluid, it causes your transmission to overheat. That leads to transmission failure before the real expiration.

Another thing is; poor lubrication. It is familiar with over-lubrication, under-lubrication, mixing lubricant, and contamination. These combined create unstable machinery, harm bearings, seal failure, cause damages, and many technical issues. Which is always a major mistake to experience.

Most Common Types of Transmission Fluid


As you can see there are two types of transmission fluid for the vehicle. One is manual and the other is Automatic. To a larger extent, they behave differently. Let's explore their characteristics to find the best 700r4 transmission fluid for your vehicle. 

Manual Transmission Fluid:

Manual fluid births the time the first vehicle exists in the world. It is mostly used in early days cars like the BMW 735i, Buick Regal, Jaguar XJS, Lexus ES300, etc. You can also use it on new days cars like BMW M3, M4, Cadillac CT4-v, CT5 V, Chevrolet Chevrolet Camaro too. But the risk is huge that we talked about earlier.

If you choose the Manual transmission it must carry the Load carrying Additive, Anti-wear to protect the whole system. One must aware that comparatively manual fluid is thicker. And the worst case scenario is it's the bad smell. If you have any allergy issues with bad smells whatsoever it'll bother you a lot.

Automatic Transmission Fluid:

Automatic oil or fluid changes the whole game of transmission technology. It serves the system while assisting torque converters all along. It's a completely thinner fluid that any advanced manual fluid. But selecting the right color may require exploring the different manufacturers when you need. The useful part of the Automatic fluid is the Color-coding technology. 

This allows users to separate the engine fluid from the transmission fluid to effectively run across the vehicle.  Sometimes Trancuslent makes the job easier. It easily identifies fluid leaks and contamination. So you can effortlessly understand what's going on inside. And interestingly as there Automatice fluids are used in the modern days there are many types of them. Let's understand how they work accordingly.

Different Kinds of Automatic Transmission Fluid

When you go deep inside the transmission system, you'll see there are many components there such as the Live Axle, Differential, Clutch, Properller, Gearbox, etc. Where there is versatile metal contact with each other. And the problem is if one single component gets damaged, another one will automatically get affected as well. 

That's why you have to choose the right fluid to deal with them properly. And every form of fluid is designed for versatile application. When you look carefully, you'll see many industries, like construction, heavy-duty works, and agriculture,  uses hydrostatic transmission fluid.

Considerable component for choosing the best 700r4 transmission fluid

As you've seen the transmission fluid is designed with additives and base oil. So some of the characteristics you must consider to experience the best fluid all year long that you can discover below:

Lower Viscosity: Higher viscosity doesn't move freely on your transmission components. Whereas the lower one will give you the ultimate flexibility.

Viscosity Stability: To maintain your versatile temperature it gives you the desired thickness every time.

Total Heat Optimization: When the vocals get a lower viscosity the fluid touch the lower boiling. Where stabilizers optimize the heat. So that high-performing fluids assist in cooling the heat inside the transmission.

Deposit Protection: As the 700r4 fluid functioned with the dispersant and detergent additives it naturally creates deposits inside the close components. Which naturally gets connected to the power transmission inside out.

Foam Prevention: When you think about preventing harm performance the anti-foam technology stops the air to enter inside transmission system.


Now finally you have the rock-sold idea about what to look after while choosing the best 700r4 transmission fluid. We find it crucial because the transmission oil (fluid) is not the most expensive part of the car. But if the poor transmission harms the other part of the transmission or vehicle, then you have to pay extra bucks that nobody wants to. 

That's why carefully check what you need to give your ride total security and comfort when saving your investment as you move along. 

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