Tipping at Car Wash II Remove Your Confusion

If you love to go to the car detailing shop to wash your car, then you need to maintain the trend of tipping to the detailer, because it is encouraged here in the industry. But many of us have a confusion about the amount of tipping we should provide to the detailer. It exactly depends on some facts. Today, I am here to tell you everything about the facts you should consider tipping at car wash.

Car Wash

For the appearance and the performance of the car, you should follow a routine washing it. Some of us have a habit to wash the car at home. When we try to do this job at home, we need to do a lot of work by ourselves. Moreover, we have to invest a huge amount of money at a time, because a lot of cleaning products are essential to complete the job. Thought we need to spend dollars to do this, it is a cost-effective solution than going to the car detailing shop. If we purchase the product once, we can use them several times.

Thought that is a cost-effective solution, many of us have to go to the car shop for washing. While some of us lead very busy lives who do not get time to spend with the car, some others do not enjoy to do this job at home. For them, tipping at car wash is a must.

What is Tipping

In some places, tipping is considered as the remark of the work. When the detailer does well, the owner becomes pleased and he makes the detailer happy with it. If the owner does not pay any tip to the detailer, it means he is not happy at his work. So, if you are happy, you should maintain the trend of tipping.

If you go to a known person regularly to wash your car, and you have a good relationship with him, then tipping is not a big deal to you. Sometimes you can pay more than he deserves, while you can pay less compared to his work. But when you change the place or person for this job, you can be confused about tipping an unknown person. When it happens to you, you should consider some essential facts. So, before facing this kind of embarrassing situation, you need to gather knowledge about tipping at car wash. Today I am here to help you about it.

The things to follow when tipping


It is the first and foremost thing to consider when you decide to tip for your car wash. In the USA, it is encouraged. The detailer knows that if you become happy with his work, you will provide him a tip. When you are not happy, you will not provide. In this respect, tipping is not essential at all. But if you become pleased and do not provide tip, he will be disappointed for sure. He will think that you are unhappy with his work. So, don't make any mistake tipping him if he does well. You can't disappoint him because he doesn't deserve it.

If you are in India, you should provide tips to the porters, taxi drivers, and other helpers as well. But in Japan, it is considered rude. So, know about the trend in the area you are going to make washing your car.

Quality of the Job

When you are in that area where all used to provide tip to the detailer, you should follow it. Then it depends on the quality of work. It is sure that if you are not happy with his work, you will not provide a tip. But when he does well, you should consider it carefully. When you become pleased with his work, you will definitely think to detail your car with him next time again. If you provide a good amount of tip, he will be pleased as well. So, when you will come again, he will try to do the work more carefully. In this respect, a good tip works to make you pleased both, and finally, a good relationship has been built.

The amount you should tip

When you are pleased with his work and thinking to provide him a tip, you can be confused about the amount. It actually depends on the size of your vehicle, and what he has done for your vehicle. Basically, the detailer washes the exterior of your vehicle. But if you tell him to do more, you should provide more tip.

2 dollars

It is thought of as the standard tip for an economy size car. If the detailer washes the exterior and dried it by hand, 2 dollars is enough as a tip.

3 dollars

If the detailer does additional work like vacuuming along with an exterior wash and hand drying, tipping 3 dollars is better.

4 dollars

If you have a van, truck, or SUV, he needs to invest more time to wash the exterior. So, you should provide a tip of at least 4 dollars for that.

5 dollars

If you are getting the larger vehicle vacuumed as well as washed, 5 dollars is the standard tip.

10-15 Percent

Sometimes you can tell him to do more detailing in addition to a wash, Then you can be confused tipping him. In this respect, my recommendation for you to provide a 10 to 15% tip on the total amount. For example, if your complete detailing service costs 100 dollars, you can give him 10 to 15 dollars as a tip. I hope he will be pleased with you and remember you. When you will go to him the next time, he will work for you more carefully.

Final Words

I have nothing to tell you more, because I have told you everything about tipping at car wash. I hope you will be benefited with this article. See another essential articles below related to car wash-