Which is better heater propane or kerosene?

It is very difficult to choose one from a propane or kerosene heater because those are very effective for our garage. But one is different from another though they have some similar features. Before my personal opinion, I want to compare them so that you can choose one according to your wish.


To run this kind of heaters, you need fuel. If you have a propane heater, it is very easy for you to run it because propane is available everywhere. When you need it, you can purchase from the nearest grocery shop, convenience stores or a gas station because it is a popular product in the market.

On the other hand, kerosene is not as popular as propane. When you are in an emergency you can face a problem if there is not a gas station or kerosene pump because it is not so available in the nearest shops.


In this respect, kerosene is better than propane because propane is costly. Though the price of propane is not so high as kerosene, it can be an issue for you. Moreover, 1-gallon kerosene can provide more BTU energy than 1-gallon propane.


In this respect, they are the same. Both can heat your garage very quickly and effectively. If your garage is ventilated, both are suitable and if it is not ventilated properly, both are dangerous.


Both are portable. The kerosene one is comparatively portable if we want to fix it to the ground and propane is better if we want to fix it besides the wall or another place.


Propane is preferable when we talk about its emission. At the time of burning, it produces a low amount of emission and it is clear than kerosene.

They are impressive undoubtedly and choosing one is difficult for you. If you are confused, I will recommend you to choose the propane one.