Will a power inverter hurt my car?

Nowadays, a car power inverter is very popular because it is very beneficial for a car user. But some people are afraid of this because sometimes it is harmful to the car. If you do not use it properly, it has a dangerous effect on your car. It can drain your battery if the effect reaches its maximum point.

Avoid using it when the engine is off

You must know that an inverter works with the help of your car battery and your car battery supplies energy from the car engine. If your engine is off it can not produce energy for the battery. At that time if you charge a cellphone or any other electric device by the inverter, it creates pressure on the battery. Sometimes we keep our headlight on when the car engine is off. Even it has also a harmful effect on the battery.

Be conscious about using high power appliance

If you use high power appliances frequently or for a long time, it will be harmful to your battery. Moreover, before using a high power inverter you need to be sure that your car battery is powerful enough to handle a high power inverter. Otherwise, it will damage your battery.

Be conscious about temperature

Do not use it when the temperature is high. Use it when the temperature is under 40 degrees C. If you use it above the temperature, your battery will be drained.

Be conscious about suitable input voltage

Car batteries are different in output voltage and there is various inverter with different input voltage. So, choose an inverter which suits your battery.


You should install it in a dry place and keep it away from any explosive thing. Proper ventilation is also important for an inverter. If you follow our instructions before using an inverter, your car will be safe for sure.