How to replace mufflers on Toyota RAV4

A car muffler is actually a car exhauster by which a car's smoke can be exhausted properly. Without a proper exhaust car's smoke can not be cleared easily and that's why your car engine and other accessories can be hampered. So it is necessary to use a good muffler exhauster for your car. Here you can find a serial step of installing the muffler.

Step 1: With the muffler, you have to check it properly before attaching it to your car. There needs to be a grinder for installing it.

Step 2: Start cutting the stock muffler off with the grinder and grind it off as close as you can to the muffler.

Step 3: Once ground off-take yourself up to the local parts store and get yourself two 2.5 1 foot pipes and four clamps.

Step 4: you will have to put the pipes all in and it will be 5-8 inches longer than you can have it so, therefore, cut the pipe you bought on the ends where it goes inside the muffler and the stock exhaust. And draw a line and cut the pipe so she will fit in.

Step 5: Put it all together, put the clamps on and tighten the front clamps down so that all you have to do is adjust the tailpipe and tighten the last clamp in place.

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