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Cummins manufactures incredibly dependable engines. One of the most renowned ones is their 5.9L one that has been used in Ram vehicles since 1989. Although it did undergo numerous adjustments, it performed brilliantly compared with the competition; what most Cummins engine owners do not realize is that they can make it perform even better with a tuner's aid.

It helps you to acquire greater horsepower while keeping fuel economy. So, I have produced a list of the best tuner for 5.9 Cummins, which will allow your vehicle to run at a whole new level. These ten tuners were picked based on reviews and their long-term usage. So, without any further ado, let's get right into this.

Best Tuner For 5.9 Cummins Comparison Table

Image Name Details Action
MADS Smarty Jr. J-06 03-07 Dodge Ram Cummins 5.9L Diesel Details Check Price
MADS Smarty POD Programmer Details Check Price
85401 Edge Diesel Evolution CTS2 - CA Edition Details Check Price
Smarty Tuners TOUCH 98.5+ Dodge/Ram Cummins Touch Tuner, 1 Pack Details Check Price
Hypertech 52503 Max Energy Power Programmer Details Check Price
Edge Products 84130 Insight Monitor Details Check Price
Smarty 98-02 Dodge Ram Cummins 5.9L Diesel S-03 Tuner Details Check Price

1. MADS Smarty Jr. J-06 03-07 Dodge Ram Cummins 5.9L Diesel

This is the finest 5.9 Cummins programmer on the market. If you're like most people and plan on upgrading your exhaust, cold air intake, and probably a few other components, the Jr. version is for you. Told, it is simple to use and effective. Once the novelty of the ride wears off, you should anticipate a substantial improvement in power and a boost in fuel efficiency. Even at maximum horsepower, average exhaust gas temps are in excess 200°F lower than with OEM software! Smarty junior may be utilized without instruments under typical driving situations, including towing up to GCWR.

One of the main reasons we chose Smarty isn't because of the incremental power improvements but rather because of where the power comes in. While many other programmers provide the same overall ability, the software is the deciding factor. This software increases power straight off the idle, so you can feel it across the whole RPM range, not just at full speed. This product is aimed at customers who seek dependable and safe power for both the engine and the gearbox and decent fuel efficiency. In reality, the primary goal throughout the creation of the efficiency software was to achieve the lowest feasible EGTs and smoke levels. Updates to Smarty software are always free. You may always email yours in, and we will do it for you as a bonus. Locals may always bring their Smarty in for a free update, and we can even assist you in programming your vehicle!

2. MADS Smarty POD Programmer

We have another tuner from Mads, this time being their Smarty POD Programmer. You have many options if you're searching for performance software for your Cummins. MADS Electronics' Smarty POD is one option to examine. MADS manufactures the Smarty for Dodge diesel pickups manufactured from 1998 through 2009.

CaTCHER is the name given to Smarty's true power. MADS refers to their software as such. CaTCHER is an acronym that stands for Clutch and Traction Challenger. MADS claims horsepower improvements ranging from 30 to 170 above standard on a stock vehicle (air box, turbo, exhaust, injectors, etc. The accelerator develops sensitivity and sensitivity. Small toe motions suddenly make a tremendous effect. The program modifies fuel supply, injection timing, rail pressure, and engine torque. You notice substantially faster performance and turbocharger blast.

This also has ten settings. While the vehicle is parked and not operating, loading one of the preset tracks takes a few minutes. Once a tune is installed on the truck, the Smarty features a PoD (Power on Demand) function that enables you to modify the tune's power level while the vehicle is being driven or parked.

3. 85401 Edge Diesel Evolution CTS2 - CA Edition

The Evolution reprogrammes the standard computer of your car. It is located in the cab and is connected to the OBDII (diagnostic) port via a single wire. The Evolution stores the vehicle's stock files and then uploads the Edge calibrations into the vehicle's computer. The Evolution significantly boosts horsepower and torque. It not only re-tunes your car but also remains placed in the cab and provides real-time monitoring of essential engine data for a complete gauge package.

Suppose you want to boost throttle response hauling power. In that case, race down the track, increase fuel efficiency, or improve the overall driveability of your truck, the Evolution is a terrific choice. Not only do you get these enhanced performance features, but you also get a monitor that provides a clean, simple solution for gauges such as EGT (exhaust gas temperature), boost readings, transmission temp, load percent, percentage of fuel left, and more, with the capacity to grow even further with the EAS (expandable accessory system). The Evolution CTS2 has monitored the unit as a complete gauge package installed in the truck's cab and simultaneously shows dozens of valuable metrics. EGTs*, engine coolant temperature, transmission fluid temperature, engine oil temperature, and RPM are just a few examples of crucial engine data to keep an eye on. This can quickly become your favorite programmer once you start to use it and feel the difference from the stock.


Superchips is a dependable firm specializing in diesel engine performance enhancement. With 28 years of racing expertise, they provide proven and tested goods that generate excellent results. The Superchips Flashpaq is an exceptional product that has consistently delivered a noticeable boost in performance for all automobiles and heavy-load Cummins. Flashpaq is a stylish red device with black buttons and a display screen. It is a handheld gadget that offers a variety of performance tunes for most SUVs and trucks necessary for heavy towing.

Customers who bought this product will discover that it offers a simple plug-and-play function and can read diagnostic codes. Calibration of the speedometer or odometer and the shift points for the vehicle's wheels or tires are fast and straightforward. The gear size may also be altered. The boost in power is immediately noticeable the first time you get behind the wheel.

5. Smarty Tuners TOUCH 98.5+ Dodge/Ram Cummins Touch Tuner, 1 Pack

On the list of best tuners for 5.9 Cummins, If you seek a tuner created for ease, you won’t find a better selection than this One from Smarty Tuners. The Smarty Touch Programmer is a 4.3" touch-screen gauge display and performance programmer for your 1998.5-2018 Dodge 5.9L/6.7L Cummins. You may now configure your vehicle with Smarty tuning and monitor your settings with an in-cab touch screen gauge panel. Each Smarty Touch Display and Smarty Touch Controller has its CPU. Because of its dual CPU architecture, the Smarty Touch is the quickest display and tuner on the market! This is 3x faster than others, with a four-second start-up and an ECM update in 1.5-6 minutes (depending on the model).

The built-in gauge function lets you pick from four distinct dashboards, each of which can be customized with five various gauge layouts and a customizable display backdrop. With user-configurable audio or visual alerts, you can relax knowing that Smarty Touch will notify you if your specified parameters reach an abnormally high or low number. This also comes with an SD card for faster updates and can store many custom files. Smarty Touch leaves no trace on your 5.9 Cummins.

6. Hypertech 52503 Max Energy Power Programmer

The hobbyist no longer needs to pay for costly dyno time since Max Energy has optimal tunes designed to get the most out of your 5.9 Cummins. Max Energy's Power Tuning software harvests as much energy as possible from every molecule of gasoline, resulting in more miles at part-throttle and greater power at full throttle. To improve engine economy, horsepower, and torque, Hypertech engineers first perform hundreds of dyno runs to tune the spark and air-fuel curves point by point over the whole rpm range from just off idle to wide-open throttle. They then take the car with the revised tune to the track and the street to verify real-world performance benefits. The end effect is more power, faster acceleration, smoother shifting, and improved drivability.

It is also made simple by hyper-tech. Insert Hypertech's Max Energy into the vehicle's under-dash connection, answer a few "yes"/"no" questions that show on the product's scrolling screen, and then reprogram your vehicle's computer with enhanced performance and economy in less than 15 minutes with the touch of a button. This tuner can give you RPM limit options, top speed limiter, and electronic throttle restrictions. And again, everything is upgradable through the internet!

7. Edge Products 84130 Insight Monitor

It may not be a complete tuner itself, but it will function in conjunction with other tuners for a complete picture of what's occurring with your Cummins engine. It fits all 1998-2007 5.9 Cummins engines and comes with a sizeable five-inch full-color, high-resolution swiping screen. With this screen, you may examine numerous gauges at once. Plug it into your OBDII port for a simple installation. The most significant thing is that you can personalize the display with various backgrounds, needles, and gauge arcs, giving you a perfect appearance for any vehicle cabin.

Along with a tuner, you may also acquire other accessories, such as an EGT pyrometer probe. This Edge Products monitor gives out notifications when the engine is in difficulty, so you will never disregard the well-being of the motor again. Overall, some individuals don’t want to spend this much for a monitor when it’s feasible to purchase a tuner for the exact cost, but the reviews show that it is worth the expenditure.

8. Smarty 98-02 Dodge Ram Cummins 5.9L Diesel S-03 Tuner

We think that the most OK tuner for 2002 5.9 Cummins is this one from Smarty. At first, you might be astonished by the more fantastic price, especially when you discover the smaller display. However, it's always good to read accurate descriptions before making any decisions. This sophisticated tuner incorporates novel engineering and has undergone thorough field testing. Because of the excellent quality control given by the organization, you won’t have any problems when making repairs to your Cummins engine.

Use one of the pre-set software levels to make rapid modifications. Plus, the ECM download time is listed at less than two minutes, which is some of the quickest in the business. You may also alter the speed limits between 25 and 250 mph. If you vary the tire size on your truck, such modifications are also simple to do. It's untraceable. The reason for the more excellent price is the superior power management choices. Instead of spending all of the effort designing flashy displays, this firm optimizes the 5.9 Cummins engine potential.

Best Tuner For 5.9 Cummins Buying Guide:

It is always great to keep in mind the blow points before buying the best programmer.


If you seek the most OK tuner for 2003 5.9 Cummins, you can’t get one made to operate on 2008 6.7 Cummins instead. While some tuners work with numerous engines, you don’t want to assume. Instead, look over the compatibility criteria to guarantee the model fits with your truck.

Flexibility In Set-Up & Operation

For the most part, the tuners will plug into the Ram's OBDII port and give basic setup instructions. If you choose to utilize a chip, you will have to place that beneath the hood in the engine compartment instead. Read through the user evaluations to determine how complex setup and configuration are before purchasing the tuner.

Performance And focuses

If you want to make rapid power adjustments, seek a tuner with pre-configured settings. Many leading manufacturers make it simple to boost horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency. There is also a stock setting, which lets you return to the original settings at any time.

ECM Download Timespan

Once you make a configuration change, you want to know that it will immediately impact without lag time. Typically, you can determine how long this procedure takes by looking through customer reviews. The initial program change could take longer than future setting tweaks, so be prepared to wait a bit longer at the beginning.


If you intend on making your configuration adjustments, you will want the storage to retain these settings for later use. Typically, only the higher-end versions will give storage for your backgrounds. Still, you should locate devices providing between five and twenty storage slots, which is excellent for making modifications on the road.

Screen Size

You may spend less money and obtain a smaller monitor with your Cummins tuner. Sometimes, these are tough to see yet are handy if you desire something tiny. Otherwise, you could choose a bigger screen with additional capabilities, such as a color display, touch screen capability, swiping the screen, and more.


Aside from modifying the performance characteristics of your Cummins engine, you can also utilize the best mpg tuner for 5.9 Cummins to monitor real-time statistics. This information allows you to observe what's occurring with the machine at all times. Plus, if you acquire a gadget that will enable you to read and delete DTCs, you save more money over driving your truck to the repair every time a warning light goes on

Style & Aesthetic

While the aesthetic isn’t usually the essential aspect when picking a tuner, you don’t want to disregard the effect. After all, having a tuner installed on your dash that doesn’t seem seamless to your cabin might be distracting. Evaluate your selections to see if you can locate a design and style that matches your look.

Best Tuner For 5.9 Cummins FAQ:

What's the job of an engine tuner?

The best tuner for 5.9 Cummins will boost the performance by altering horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency. It makes setting tweaks that allow the engine to function better.

Does tuning automobiles harm the engine?

If you follow the suggested requirements for your diesel engine, you shouldn't harm the engine. You are only enabling more power to be released. It's also great to access the real-time data from your machine.

Does tuning reduce engine lifespan?

Quite the reverse. By improving the performance of your 5.9 Cummins, you can help the engine live longer, especially when you have exact data to monitor.

Difference between a tuner and a programmer?

The Cummins tuner lets you pick from pre-set setups that modify the power at various intervals. With a Cummins programmer, you design the settings yourself based on numerous parameters.

Costs of tweaking a 5.9 Cummins engine?

If you buy a decent Cummins tuner, you will spend the cost of the device itself, ranging between $100 and $600. You don’t require expert installation with these devices. If you decide to utilize a performance chip instead, you might need to take your Ram to the service facility for installation, which will raise the cost.

What is the maximum amount of horsepower I can add?

Each tuner has its limit of 5.9 Cummins engines. Read over the product specifications to understand how much power may be added.

Can engine life be prolonged by tuning using these products?

As you watch the real-time data, you access the information you need to maintain your engine performing its best, enhancing life.


Someone who is merely trying to improve performance will be delighted with a tuner as well since you will have more power and an eliminated high-end restriction straight out of the box. It's a straightforward method to get the most excellent vehicle on the block, whether you're racing or want the best truck in the neighborhood.

This engine is already a beast in the renowned Dodge Ram truck series, and choosing the best tuner for 5.9 Cummins is a straightforward step you can take to take the already excellent performance to the next level. If you have any spare cash, invest; you'll be pleased with the added alternatives you'll have at the touch of a button.

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