Car maintenance tips II Everything you want to know

A car is one of the most essential things for every family, especially if it runs a business because public transportation can't be a good choice. It is the best companion when one is in a hurry. Another thing is that it also becomes a piece of luxury for a man who has the ability to buy it, whether it is cheap or pricey. If any of us want to enjoy the beautiful sights around us, there is no alternative having for a private car. But you know what, if we can't maintain it properly, it can be a burden when we are on a hurry or in a family trip. So, we all should know about car maintenance and do it properly.

Why car maintenance is essential

You must know prevention is always better than cure. So, you should be aware of car maintenance before facing any problem with it in the middle of the road where there you will not get anyone to help you. I have listed a lot of reasons why you should do it regularly. Below the most essential facts to know for improving the driving experience.


What we eat, do, or where we go, we need to ensure our safety first. We can see the news of car accidents very often in the newspaper or on the news channel. Most of them happen because of the faulty brake system, poor tire treads, worn-out drive belts, etc. As a result, many of us are struggling in the bed of the hospital for a long time. Sometimes, we are losing our nearest and dearest ones. I am not telling that regular car maintenance can make us free from all the car accidents but it can save us most of the time. It ensures smooth and optimal driving to avoid a lot of unexpected occurrences.

Saves money

The human being needs food to maintain health. If we don't take food at the right time, we become sick. Then we need to go to the doctor. As a result, we suffer physically and economically. Similarly, the car also needs regular maintenance. If we want, we can take care of it's most of the things rather than going to the car shop. It will not be costly for us. But when we become lazy maintaining the car, there is a chance of damaging various car parts after a period. And that time, we will not be able to solve the problems by ourselves. We will have to go to the experts for that. Definitely, it will be a pricey solution. So, we all should be aware of it and go for a cheap solution.


If we compromise maintaining our car, it will also compromise its performance. Certain components of our car are more vulnerable to wear. If we perform regular maintenance checks, we can ensure the optimum performance of those parts. It also makes us confident at the time of driving.

Increases value in the resale market

The common nature of us is that we don't like to use the same thing for a long time whether it is a mobile phone or a car. Because we like to follow the trend and try to buy the updated one. Then we need to sell the running one to the resale market. You should know that a well-maintained car is much valuable than that one which was being neglected earlier because a car expert will easily understand whether the car is well-maintained or not. So, if you can't follow the car maintenance routine carefully, there is no chance of getting the expected price.


Car with the hybrid or electric engine is more Eco-friendly than the car runs with fossil fuel. If your car is fuel-based, the engine oil can burn. As a result, it will produce higher levels of fumes and fluids. These elements can potentially pollute the air and water. But if you have a look at the engine oil maintaining a routine, you will be able to replace it before it gets burnt. That will make it more environment-friendly and the car will run smoothly.

Minimizes roadside emergencies

Sometimes we experience a flat tire or an overheating engine or a dead battery when we are in an emergency. These types of situations are really unexpected for us. In this situation, if we don't get a car shop nearby, it will definitely one of the worst experiences in our life. I am not telling you that you can avoid all of these incidents by well-maintenance but you will be able to minimize most of them. Suppose, you experienced a dead battery in the middle of the road where there is none to help you. But if you keep a portable jump starter with you, you can easily overcome the situation. It is a part of car maintenance.

The maintenance tips

Read the owner manual

As a car owner, you should have a good idea about every single part of the car and the proper use of different parts. An owner manual can give you a clear idea about them. It will tell you how to use the features in your car, the maintenance schedule, how to check and refill fluids, changing oil and tires, ideal tire pressure, gas grade, the seat position, dashboard warning lights, warranty information, etc. So first, take some ideas from the owner manual and then make a schedule of work.

Have a look at the warning lights

Nowadays, cars have different sensors and warning lights that tell you everything whether you forgot to replace the gas cap or your tire is low on air. But you need to know the meaning of the lights what is the warning. If you don't have any idea about those lights, you can read the owner's manual. Another thing is that it is good to have an OBD2 scanner in the car. It will tell the overall condition of the car. It sends a command to a different system. There are more than 4000 codes and every code indicates different something.

Tire Pressure

It is essential to check the tire pressure. It has a great impact on fuel economy. It also affects comfort and handling. You can know the ideal tire pressure for your car by reading the owner manual. To check the tire pressure, you can keep gadgets and simple tools. As an ideal car owner, you can check it before starting for anywhere every day or you can take the maximum a week to do that. Nowadays, many cars have tire pressure monitoring systems or smart gadgets that you can connect with your mobile device. If the tires need more air, it will notify you.

Tire tread depth

I don't know in which weather conditions do you live in but you need to drive in all weather conditions for a while. Then tire tread becomes an essential thing to know. You should check it to be safe from a sudden accident. You will get a treads pattern with wider contact patches to give you a more versatile rubber. Nowadays, the tire manufacturers integrate treat wear bars into their compounds to make you hassle-free from guessing.

Check oil level

It is essential to check the engine's oil level because it is an integral part of basic car maintenance. It ensures smoother operation of the engine. If you don't do that, you will experience knocking and pinging from the engine. You can do this job with ease.


Many of us think that higher octane fuel means more power that is technically true for the sports car. If there is lower octane fuel, there is a chance of knocking. On the other hand, the higher fuel will provide the necessary power to prevent knocking and detonation. But if you don't run your car like a race car driver, then follow the user manual. If it tells to stick high octane fuel, do that. Or if it recommends sticking to regular fuel, then you should not spend more money on higher octane fuel.

Inspect all fluids

Along with the motor oil, you need to check the brake and transmission fluids, coolant and washer fluid. You can check the transmission fluid with a dipstick. Determine brake fluid, coolant and washer fluid levels by removing related covers and visually inspecting each.

Change oil and the oil filter

You should not be lazy about changing oil. It is like the blood in our bodies. If you don't change it at the right time, it will  make the engine dirty and reduce the working efficiency of it. As a result, the lifespan of the car engine will reduce. It is also essential to change oil at the right time to increase fuel efficiency. To save the environment from pollute air of the car, there is no alternative to changing oil. According to the experts, it is better to do it after using 5000 miles.

Another thing is that the oil filter plays an important role to keep the engine safe from dirt, dust, and other pollutant contaminants. The experts say you should change oil and the oil filter at the same time.

Replace air filter

Sometimes, we get the unwanted smell in the car, though the whole interior is clean. It is the result of a dirty cabin air filter. It is placed in the ventilation system. A good air filter traps dirt, dust, fumes, moisture, pollen, bugs, and other pollutant contaminants. That's why it becomes dirty and we need to replace it after a period. If you don't find anything of unpleasant smell in the interior but there is, replace the air filter without thinking.

Spark plugs

If the car engine has a rather idle rough or misfires at times, then there is a possibility of a problem with the spark plugs. Other symptoms are lack of acceleration, trouble starting the car, high fuel consumption, engine surging, etc. Most of the spark plugs are copper-type that should be replaced in every 30000 miles. But if you have iridium spark plugs, you can take the time up to 100000 miles to do it. Having the right tool, you can do it by yourself investing a little bit of time.

Check the car battery

A dead car battery can create one of the worst experiences in your life. If there are dim headlights, sound at the time of turn the key, slow crank, backfiring, or need to press on the gas pedal to start, it definitely indicates you that your car battery is going to be dead. Then you should keep a jumper cable or jump starter with you. They will help you to jump-start your dead battery within a little bit of time.


Think you are in an emergency at night and suddenly the headlights turned off. To avoid this kind of situation, it is essential to replace the headlights in time. I don't know which headlights are you using. Almost 90% of the cars are equipped with halogen headlight bulbs and the average lifespan of these headlights is around 1000 hours. The LED headlights can work 20000 hours or more and the HIDs are around 3000 hours. So, replace them before facing any problem in the middle of the road.

Keep the car clean

We should clean the car interior and exterior to increase its longevity and our mental happiness. If you have the proper tools and accessories at your home, you can do the job by yourself.

So, these were all about car maintenance. I have tried to tell you every single fact about it. I hope it will be very much helpful for you in your entire life.