Best Cabin Air Filters Reviews 2021 with complete buying guide

You are driving your car, where there is an unpleasant smell. After cleaning the whole interior of the car, the air is not okay yet. If this happens to the car, it is, of course, the problem of the cabin air filter. A cabin air filter is placed in the vehicle's ventilation system so that it can trap dust, fumes, moisture, pollen, harmful gases, pollutants, and even bugs. That's why it becomes dirty after a period and produces unwanted smell.

So, when it gets dirty, you have to replace it because it works like a true lifesaver. Changing it in a regular interval is so necessary for the people, especially those who have a problem with allergies. Replacing it at the right time creates an environment where you can breathe easily.

As you are in our article, we can undoubtedly say you are searching for a good cabin air filter. And we want to assure that you are in the right place where we will give the proper recommendation. We have a team to analyze the car care products so that we can recommend good products always. After a lot of analysis, today we are here with the best cabin oil filters of 2021.

Best Cabin Air Filter Comparison Table

FRAM CF10134 Cabin Air FilterDetailsCheck Price
2 Pack - EPAuto CP134 (CF10134) Replacement for Honda & Acura Premium Cabin Air Filter includes Activated CarbonDetailsCheck Price
Spearhead Premium Breathe Easy Cabin Filter, Up to 25% Longer Life w/Activated Carbon (BE-182)DetailsCheck Price
K&N VF2000 Washable & Reusable Cabin Air Filter Cleans and Freshens Incoming Air for your Subaru, ToyotaDetailsCheck Price
Bosch 6029C 6029C HEPA Cabin Air Filter For Select Acura CSX, ILX, MDX, RDX, RL, RLX, TL, TLX, TSX, ZDX Honda Accord Civic Crosstour CR-V Odyssey Pilot Ridgeline Toyota Celica FJ Cruiser Prius 4RunnerDetailsCheck Price
Kootek Car Cabin Air Filter Replacement for CF10285 with Active Carbon for Toyota/Lexus/Scion/Subaru, against Bacteria Dust Viruses Pollen Gases Odors, 2 PackDetailsCheck Price
Toyota OEM Cabin Air Filter 87139-YZZ20DetailsCheck Price
Spearhead Max Thrust Performance Engine Air Filter For All Mileage Vehicles - Increases Power & Improves Acceleration (MT-959)DetailsCheck Price

One of the most popular cabin air filters in the market is FRAM CF10134 Cabin Air Filter. It defends dust and other pollutant particles to ensure a comfortable environment in the interior part of a car. Below, the features in detail.

FRAM CF10134 Cabin Air Filter


Useful: The cabin air filter is useful to filter dust and other pollutant contaminants. It can defend up to 98% of dust, pollen, and other contaminants and improve driving comfort.

Combination: It is the combination of Arm and Hammer baking soda with carbon. This combination can clean the outside air flowing through the ventilation system.

Air Flow: The product will provide you more airflow for improved performance. It will also help prevent musty odors from forming.

Protective: It will defend the damaging particles to enter into the engine. It will also cause increased engine wear.

Installation: The filter has come with an instruction, along with QR codes to installation videos. So, you can install it easily.

This recommended cabin air filter by EPAUTO is one of the most top-ranked products on Amazon. It can trap the contaminants that are harmful to health. If you are in search of a cabin air filter with high-quality material, it can be a good option. To know everything about the product, read the features below.

2 Pack - EPAuto CP134 (CF10134) Replacement for Honda & Acura Premium Cabin Air Filter includes Activated Carbon


Protective: The car air conditioner filter traps the harmful contaminants that flow through the ventilation system. So, it protects from unwanted cough and sneeze.

Efficient: It effectively removes dust, pollen, moisture, and the harmful contaminants from the air and creates a suitable environment for the driver and passengers.

Long-lasting: The product is made with quality materials to make it more durable. The company claims that it will provide the same result for about 12 months.

Formula: It is formulated with activated carbon and baking soda. They absorb odors from the ventilation system to ensure optimal airflow.

Installation: It is easy to install. It fits perfectly in its holding unit and does not leave any gaps on the side. It will prevent premature wear of your car's HVAC system.

Compatible: It is compatible with Lexus, Scion, Toyota, and Subaru cars.

Spearhead premium cabin air filter is one of the most well-known products for its longer life. The company claims that it lasts up to 15,000 miles. Because of its three-stage filtering system, it can provide the best result. If you want a reliable cabin air filter, it can be a good option. Below, the features of the product.
Spearhead Premium Breathe Easy Cabin Filter, Up to 25% Longer Life w/Activated Carbon (BE-182)


Longer life: Most of the cabin air filters can perform 12,000 miles but this filter lasts up to 15,000 miles. So, it will perform 25% more than the standard filters.

Heavier: The filter is 2x heavier than the standard cabin filters. It uses thick, industrial-strength electrostatic media so that it can trap the tiniest of particles. It has densely packed activated carbon to prevent gases and odors.

Filtration system: It is different from a lot of cabin filters because it has a 3-stage filtration system. It saves the passengers in the car from road debris, exhaust fumes, and allergens.

Compatible: The filter is compatible with Acura RDX (19-20), Honda (17-19), CR-V (17-20), CR-Z (11-16), Civic (16-19), Fit (09-19), HR-V (16-19), Insight (10-14, 19-20), Odyssey (18-20).

Reliable: It is the filter of a reliable company that is providing car care products for more than 30 years. It is offering a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with it, it will provide money back. So, there is no chance of losing money.

If you are thinking to shop for a high-quality product and willing to spend a handsome amount of money, then it can be the best option. It has come with a reusable design that can clean and freshen the incoming air. It can effectively trap mold, mildew, fungus, spores, bacteria, and germs. If you are interested in this filter, read the features below.

K&N VF2000 Washable & Reusable Cabin Air Filter Cleans and Freshens Incoming Air for your Subaru, Toyota


Protective: The cabin air filter will protect you from allergens because it can trap harmful contaminants like mold, mildew, bacteria, fungus, spores, and pollen.

Odor-free: It will make the car interior odor-free. It can capture the dirty contaminants those are the cause of the musty smell.

Installation: The filter is easy to install. You will be able to install it in less than five minutes without any tool and help from others.

Long-lasting: It is surprising that it will last for the life of the vehicle. Wash it when it gets dirty and use it again.

Eco-friendly: It reduces landfill waste from disposable filters.

If you are the owner of Acura CSX, ILX, MDX, RDX, RL, RLX, TL, TLX, TSX, ZDX; Honda Accord, Civic, Crosstour, CR-V, Odyssey, Pilot, Ridgeline; Toyota Celica, FJ cruiser, Prius, 4 Runner, it can be the best option. It is specially made for these vehicles. It provides ultimate protection to trap allergens, dust, and harmful contaminants. Below, we are going to tell you everything about it.

Bosch 6029C 6029C HEPA Cabin Air Filter For Select Acura CSX, ILX, MDX, RDX, RL, RLX, TL, TLX, TSX, ZDX Honda Accord Civic Crosstour CR-V Odyssey Pilot Ridgeline Toyota Celica FJ Cruiser Prius 4Runner


Efficiency: It is a high-efficiency particulate cabin air filter. It is designed to capture microscopic contaminants like mold, mildew, pollen, and other common allergens. It provides a filtration efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3 microns.

Odor: The cabin filter will not add any formulated chemical odor neutralizer, but it will provide true clean air that helps to enhance respiratory health.

Electrostatic layer: The melt-blown electrostatic layer and dense media ensures better trapping capabilities. It has an additional static cotton layer that provides high capacity in holding small particulates.

Stability: The filter has structural ribs that increase the stability of it.

Compatibility: It is compatible with Acura 2007-2011 CSX, 2013-2018 ILX, 2007-2018 MDX, 2007-2018 RDX, 2005-2012 RL, 2014-2018 RLX, 2004-2014 TL, 2015-2019 TLX, 2004-2014 TSX, 2010-2013 ZDX; Honda 2003-2018 Accord, 2010-2011 Accord Crosstour, 2006-2015 Civic, 2012-2015 Crosstour, 2007-2016 CR-V, 2005-2017 Odyssey, 2009-2018 Pilot, 2006-2014, 2017-2019 Ridgeline.

Kootek Car Cabin Air Filter is designed to use for LEXUS, TOYOTA, SCION, SUBARU. It can capture road dust and other harmful contaminants. Keeping the filter in the car, you can be tension-free about the musty smell in the car interior for the next 12 months. It has come with some impressive features that are given below.

Kootek Car Cabin Air Filter Replacement for CF10285 with Active Carbon for Toyota/Lexus/Scion/Subaru, against Bacteria Dust Viruses Pollen Gases Odors, 2 Pack


Efficiency: The cabin air filter can effectively trap the road dust and pollen ranging from 5-100 microns and then dramatically improve the interior air quality of the vehicle.

Combination: The filter combines active carbon and soda. The combination cleans the outside air flowing through the ventilation system.

Performance: It enhances HVAC performance. If you replace the filter every 12 months or 12,000 miles, it will not compromise doing its duty.

Compatibility: The filter is compatible with Lexus CT200H(2011-2017), ES300H(2013-2017), ES350(2007-2017), GS300(2006), GS350(2007-2011), GS430 (2006-2007), GS450h(2007-2011), GS460(2008-2011), HS250h(2010-2012), IS250(2006-2013), IS350(2006-2013), IS-F (2008-2013), LF-A (2012), LS460 (2007-2017), LS600h(2008-2015), GX460(2010-2017), LX570(2008-2017), NX200t(2015-2018), NX300h (2015-2016), RX350 (2010-2015), RX450h (2010-2015); Toyota Avalon(2005-2018), Camry(2007-2017), Corolla(2009-2018), Corolla iM (2017-2018), Matrix(2009-2014), Prius(2010-2015), Prius C (2012-2018), Prius Plug-in (2012-2015), Prius V (2012-2017), Venza(2009-2016),Yaris(2007-2018), 4Runner(2010-2018) Highlander(2008-2018), Land Cruiser(2008-2018), RAV4(2006-2018), Sequoia(2008-2018), Sienna(2011-2018), Tundra(2007-2018); Pontiac Vibe (2009-2010); Scion iM (2016), tC (2011-2016), xB (2008-2015), xD (2008-2014); Subaru Legacy(2010-2018), Outback(2010-2018).

Installation: It is easy to install. You can do it within minutes.

This recommended filter is a Genuine Toyota 87139-YZZ20 Cabin Air Filter. It is compatible with 1989/2009-2014 4Runner, 2005-2014 Avalon, 2006-2014 Camry, 2007-2014 Camry Hybrid, 1975-1980/1997/2008-2014 Corolla, 2007-2014 Highlander, 2007-2013 Highlander HV, 1969-1990/2008-2014 Land Cruiser, 2008-2014 Matrix, 2010-2014 Prius, 2011-2014 Scion tC, 2008-2012 Scion xD, 2007-2014 Sequoia, 2010-2014 Sienna, 2006-2014 Tundra, 2009-2014 Venza, 2006-2014 Yaris Hatchback, 2007-2012 Yaris Sedan.
Toyota OEM Cabin Air Filter 87139-YZZ20

Experience an Obvious Difference: Whether you are noticing a delay in acceleration, less than average gas mileage or own a higher mileage vehicle, our Max Thrust engine air filters will provide a clear and cost-effective upgrade over stock performance

Trap 2X Dirt vs. Standard Air Filters: Our unique Hex-D pleat design creates maximum holding capacity for trapping unwanted dirt and debris without compromising airflow like standard air filters thanks to multiple layers of progressively finer filter media that allows air to flow freely even when the filter is dirty Increased Power and Mileage up to 15K Miles: Deficient airflow can cause your engine to work twice as hard to suck in the minimum amount of air it needs to perform regularly, resulting in poorer gas mileage and lower power efficiency; Max Thrust air filters are designed to give your engine a break by delivering as much clean air as it needs to perform optimally up to 15K miles

Spearhead Max Thrust Performance Engine Air Filter For All Mileage Vehicles - Increases Power & Improves Acceleration (MT-959)


Manufacturer: Spearhead

Brand: Spearhead

Item Weight: 16 ounces

Package Dimensions: 12 x 10.6 x 2.7 inches

Manufacturer Part Number: MT-959


Best Cabin Air Filter Buying Guide:

We have shown the best cabin air filters. They all are top-rated and top-ranked on Amazon. But, indeed, you can't buy all of them. So, now you are confused again to choose the final one from this top 8. Keeping this fact in mind, our experts have researched a lot and prepared a guide. This guide will help to buy the best cabin air filter. Below, we are going to tell you the facts to consider before buying.


It is the first and foremost thing to consider before buying a cabin air filter. If it is not compatible with your car, it will be totally the wastage of money. Some filters are widely compatible, while others have come for a few specific cars. But as our experience, it is difficult to get a universal one. So, check the property first, and then buy one which will fit perfectly to the car.

Protection Capability

You should check the protection capabilities of the filter. It is thought to be one of the most necessary features of it. If you buy a particle cabin air filter, it will only trap the tiny particles. It can be the best filter to capture pollen, dust, mold, mildew, smog, and other small airborne allergens. Another option is an activated carbon cabin filter. It is designed with chemical filtration function that can filter out odors and harmful gases like nitrogen oxides or carbon monoxide. If you have this filter in the car, it will provide fresh air in the car interior. So, we can call it better than the particle type.


It is not only a notable feature for a cabin oil filter but also all kinds of products. A long-lasting filter ensures the value of money. You can choose a filter that works well till 12,000 miles because it is thought to be standard. But if you get one over this lifespan, it is, of course, better than that. There is also washable and reusable filters. For example, K&N Filter is reusable. Though it is a pricey option, it is not pricey at all. The product claims that it is engineered to last for the life of the vehicle. So, be serious about it.


If you need to go to the expert to install it, it will be costly. So, buy one which is easy to install. Some filters are included with instructions so that one can do it himself. If you can choose the right one, it will take only a few minutes for installation.


We have told earlier that a washable and reusable filter can be the best choice to value your money. But you know what it needs to clean after a period. So, choose that filter which is easy to clean.


As there are a lot of filters in the market, they are available at different prices. You should not buy a cheaper one because they are not always good enough to fulfill your needs. But don't think we are telling you to buy the priciest one. Actually, we are recommending to choose a quality product at a reasonable price.

Best Cabin Air Filter FAQ:

How often should you replace the cabin air filter in your car?

The answer to this question varies from man to man. Some say changing the cabin air filter in every 12,000-15,000 is good, while others say you can use it for about 25,000 miles. A few people think one should change the filter every 12 months. To tell you the exact answer, our experts have analyzed the fact a lot. According to them, changing the cabin air filter every 12,000 miles is standard.

What happens if you don't change cabin air filter?

The cabin air filter traps dust and pollutant contaminants from the air to provide you a fresh air. If you do not change it for a long time, it becomes clogged with dirt and debris. Then it can't maintain fresh air, and it leads to a musty odor in the car interior. When it happens, the HVAC system will also be compromised.

Is there any harm to driving without a cabin air filter?

You can run a car without a cabin air filter, and it will not do any problem to drive. But you should not do it. If you do, it will be harmful to your health. The filter works to trap the dust, dirt, and other harmful particles in the air. It has no alternative to ensure fresh air in the car. Moreover, it works to save you from a musty odor in the car interior. It also has a good effect on the HVAC system. So, finally, I want to say you should use a cabin air filter.


We have come to the end of our article. We have tried to show the best cabin air filters available in the market and told every single word about the products.

We want to thank you because you made us a part of your day. We also want to say sorry because we are not going to recommend the final product. Actually, they all are the best for different purposes, and we hate to compare our best products.

If you are confused yet, read our buying guide carefully. It will show you the right path to choosing the final one. We have also added FAQs to give more idea about it. Finally, we want to say if you choose one from our list, you will not be outwitted for sure.

Thanks for reading this post. If you have any opinion don't hesitate to comment here. Also please subscribe our newsletter to get more updates.