Difference between limited slip vs posi

If you want to know about the difference between limited slip vs posi, first discuss what is limited slip and what is posi?

This short article will give you an open-sky understanding. First you have to know how they work and which way they use it effectively? Because throughout the years we have been watching many people start their driving journey, and find it quite confusing.

Limited slip and positraction are both types of automotive differentials. The differentials are often located in the center of the rear axle, the center of the front axle, or in some cases located in both. After knowing about different types of differentials, people often think about the difference between limited slip vs posi. So, let's get started!

What is Differential?

Before understanding the limited slip or Posi, first, you must be familiar with the root component which is differentials. It turns the tire at a different or the same speed and maintains the power while turning at a different angle. Limited slip and the Posi are two different kinds of differentials. Many people think limited slip and posi are the same. It's true if you think of those as a differential. But they do not act the same. So you need to understand the difference between limited slip vs posi.

Let's discover if they are differently behaving below.


Limited slip:

Limited Slip is a form of differential. It helps the two different output shafts to move at their own speed, continuing the adequate difference between both shafts.  It's named a limited slip because it acts to maintain different speeds. It's able to balance any form of higher traction as it requires.

There are three different types of limited slips you'll see on the market. 

  • Mechanical LSDs 
  • Viscous LSDs
  • Helical/Torsen

Each works differently and provides a different experience as you drive along. It simply enhances the control over your car even if it is on rough, slippery roads, or sand of any kind. Want to drive a car securely while optimizing the engine capacity for adequate performance to enjoy a smooth drive? Use limited slip.


Posi or Positration differential is built to help the tire turn the different speeds. Because when the tire turns one tire turns more from the other. While differential adjusts the tier power while turning for both balances. Posi generally spins the two shafts at the same time at the same speed. 

Are limited slip and posi is same differentials?

The straightforward answer is yes. Because the difference between the two is the manufacture and design structure. Often people talk about different forums on this differently. They think it's two different differentials. In reality, they are not.

The posi is the product from General Motor? Which can be mechanical, helical, or any other design structure at the same time. Over the year posi become hugely famous. That's why people think it's different for the limited slip, but they are not. 


Ultimate Advangages of Posi &Limited Slip Differentials

The real job of the differentials is to supply power between automobiles and the wheels when spinning at the different or same speeds. Limited slim does its different speed while posi the same speed. In today's day, limited slip is more popular than the posi. Let's uncover how they impact the car for a smooth ride.

Traction Control:

Riders often face challenges while riding on the slippery road. Because the limited slip stopped the positions. It happens because limited slip is designed with one wheel. Which delivers the total power from there. If you ever lose traction on the sleep or ice. Then the car automatically fishtails and slip.


Limited slip got familiar because of the control. When you drive it gives you much better control over the car. Every time you ride on a slippery or witty road at common get spin where limited slip maintain the cornering very strongly when maintaining the proper balance with the road surface. The best of it the stop the tire slippage. So you are totally safe from the spin-out. Even if it spins out. You can instantly take control of the car as well.

Total Maintenance:

Generally, every limited slip needs more maintenance over the open system. It requires professional maintenance to examine if it works perfectly to experience a longer safe drive. Because the clutch can sometimes wear out. When you need to change the oil. That's why the open stem needs least maintain than the limited slip. 

Noise Operation:

A noisy drive is annoying for almost every rider. Where limited slip will give you a noise-free ride every time on your journey. The only noise you hear from the running clutch chatter. Because the steel plates and clutch discs both fight together and produce little noise. The real truth is none of the differentials is completely silent you may have seen it drive for a long. But it's completely tolerable.

Improved Experience:

The only thing it separates from the rest is; On the standard roads you will get a better experience from it. Obviously, the slippage is good so you almost never have to think about poor traction ever.

Are there any disadvantages to limited slip?

Limited slip or posi slip also has every form of differential. For some riders, it gives slippage on road, especially on the witty one.  Whereas other riders find it Complex in design and maintenance and quite expensive than other differentials. So non of this makes it so difficult if you carefully ride along and know how they work. 


Finally, as you become aware of the difference between limited slip vs posi, now you may know what to do next. And it's essential to understand the differential as you drive. Because it's useful for driving safely, controlling better, and getting the best experience from your ride every time.

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