Don't make any mistake while using jumper cable positive and negative

As a car owner, one should have jumper cables with him while driving otherwise, he can face an unexpected occurrence. Think, you have a meeting in the early period at the office. You start from home at the exact time you regularly do. Entering into the car, you turn the key, but the car does not work. You found that the car battery is dead. Now, you need to recharge the battery to make it work again. In this situation, the jumper cables come in handy. They help to recharge the battery to make it alive. But, it is essential to know the use o jumper cable positive and negative. If not, there is a chance of an accident. Today, I am going to tell everything in detail.

What are jumper cables?

The jumper cables are electric cables. Most of them are thicker. They are used to jump-start a dead car battery. They have a clip at each end. They are used to connect a dead battery with a charged battery. If you connect them with the batteries, the cables will deliver power from the charged battery to the dead battery. The efficiency of the jumper cables depends on the number of its gauge. The lower the number, the thicker the copper wire. The thicker cables do the job better than others because they can transfer electricity quite well.

The colors of jumper cables

It is the most essential thing to know because it will help you to avoid an accident while charging your car battery. You will get copper clamps at each end of two colors. One is red and the other is black. These two colors indicate positive "+" and negative "-" respectively. They are assigned to either the positive pole and the negative pole on the battery.

Connecting them to the wrong pole can be dangerous

If you do that, a rapid spike in the electrical power from the donor battery will damage the dead battery and the vehicle's electrical systems. You will have to connect the positive pole with the other positive one and the negative to the same. If you accidentally connect a positive one to the negative pole, the fuse should take the brunt of the power surge and burnout. Another thing is that at the time of attaching the poles to the batteries, you can't let the clamps touch each other once they are attached to the donor batteries. If it happens, there is a chance of producing a spark that can burn your hands, or ignite flammable liquids in the car engine.

The steps to jump-start the car

  • It is essential to confirm that both the batteries consist of the same voltage and the same polarity. If you want to know the voltage and the polarity, check the owner's manual in the glove box.
  • If you want to take power from another car battery, try to pull them close enough. It will help you to connect them with ease. But you should be very aware not to let them in touch. This could cause a short. So, when you buy jumper cables, try to buy one with a large cable.
  • One of the most essential things to notice is that both cars are shut off. If not, shut off the ignition switch, lights, and accessories before jump-starting the car. Another thing is that you need to ensure both the vehicles are in the park or neutral and that the parking brake is set. My recommendation for you to carry a safety glass along with the jumper cables. Wear it before starting your work to save yourself.
  • If you have a habit of smoke, then forget it for a while. Doing it near the battery can cause an explosion. Another thing to avoid explosion is not to jump the dead battery if it is frozen. If you do not have any idea whether it is frozen or not, look through the inspection cap to see if the water is frozen. One or more sides of the battery case will bulge of a frozen battery.
  • I have told earlier that you should have a complete idea about the positive and negative poles about the jumper cables. You should also know about these terminals of both batteries. Ensure that there is enough room to clamp to the cable terminals. The positive terminal is most likely connected to the car's starting or charging with a red cable that has a "+" sign and the negative is connected to the engine of the vehicle and usually has a "-" sign.
  • Now clamp the positive cable to the positive terminals of both battery and negative cable to the negative terminals of the good battery to a clean metal part of the engine in the car with the weak battery. Make sure that they do not touch any part of the car's engine, body, moving parts, and the fuel system. Otherwise, there is a chance of a dangerous spark. (Note: Do not attach the negative cable to the negative terminal of the weak battery when you want to jump-start the dead battery. It could ignite hydrogen gas directly over the battery and there is a chance of serious explosions. Even if you have gotten away with it before, you can use a metallic engine part instead at the time of jumping to start the car).

These were all about jump-starting a car when a car battery is dead. I hope this post will be very helpful for you. Finally, I want to remind you one thing again that you should be very much aware of doing this job otherwise it can be very harmful for you and your family.