Don’t be lazy changing oil

The oil is essential in the car as like as the blood in our body because it ensures running the engine smoothly and accurately. But it can't stay clean itself, and that's why it should be a maintenance routine of changing oil when it is required. Many of us are very lazy doing this. If do not take it seriously, you should read this post very carefully.

You know what if you do not change the oil in time, it can affect certain things. Below, the details for you.

Working Efficiency

At first, it will reduce the working efficiency of your car engine. If you do not change the oil for a long time, the oil becomes dirty. It affects the cooling system of the engine and makes it hot. Then, it loses its working efficiency. The old oil also damages the other car parts.

Makes Dirty

The old oil creates dirt in the inside of your car engine, which can be very harmful for it. This type of dirt firmly stick on the engine and starts destroying it. See, the picture below, and think how horrible it is!

Pollute Smoke

The old oil burns and then releases pollute smoke. This smoke can be very harmful for you and off course for the environment.

Fuel Efficiency

If you don't change the oil in time, the engine becomes hotter and consumes more fuels. As a result, you are losing money. I think it is better to spend money changing oil rather than losing it on more fuels.


Finally, it reduces the lifespan of your car. When you take too much time to change the oil, it affects the engine and other important parts. That's why it becomes old very early. So, you should be careful about it.

These were all about changing oil. Now, another essential thing for you to change the oil filter. You will have to do it at the time of changing the oil. The oil filter is a cylindrical can-shaped device that cleans out impurities and contaminants, such as particles, debris, tars, and dirt, in the engine oil to prevent them from getting into the engine. If any of these impurities or contaminants enter into the engine, it will affect the efficiency of the engine, affect the smooth operation of the vehicle, and may subsequently damage the engine.

Now I am going to tell you how you can do all these works without any help from others. If you have the proper tools and materials at your home, you can do these within 30-50 minutes.  And my recommendation for you to keep all of them in your toolbox so that you can do it when it is required.

The Materials You Need

  • Oil
  • Oil filter
  • Replacement drain plug washer

Essential Tools

  • A wrench to remove the drain plug
  • A good oil filter wrench that is suitable with the filter
  • Oil drain pan
  • Funnel
  • Latex gloves
  • jack and jack stands or ramp

If you have all these things, you can start working. Below, the steps to follow-

  • At first, check the type and amount of oil needed
  • Keep all the essential things together so that you get them when you need
  • Locate the oil filter and drain plug
  • Drain the oil
  • Tighten the drain plug
  • Take the wrench and replace the oil filter
  • Add new oil and check the level you want

This is all about changing the oil and the oil filter of your car. But many of us do not have a clear idea about when they should change the oil and the filter. According to the car experts, one should change them after 5000 miles. But if your car is brand new, you can take time to 7500 to 10000 miles, or if it is too old, you should do this before 5000 miles.

I have tried to share with you the important facts of changing oil, and finally, I have come to an end. I hope it will be helpful for you and you will be much aware of doing this job regularly. If you do, hopefully, your car will present you with better performance than before.