Prolong Super Lubricants Waterless Wash Reviews

We need to wash our car surface frequently because it becomes dirty by bugs, water spots, bird droppings, and more. Usually, we use water to clean it but sometimes water is not enough to clean it perfectly. Then we take our car to the garage to clean which might be costly for us. Another thing is that water is scarce in some cities or areas and it is not possible to waste the water to wash a car.

These are the problems you can face at the time of washing your car and you will be happy to know that only a waterless car wash can solve all of these problems. If you have a waterless wash like Prolong Super Lubricants PSL64017, you can wash your car surface at your home within a moment. It is one of the most powerful waterless car wash in the market.

If you want to keep your car clean, you can purchase it. But before purchasing, we want to tell you everything about this product. We think the features are quite enough to impress you.

1. Prolong Super Lubricants PSL64017 Waterless Wash and Shine - 17 oz.



Super Fast: It is a super-fast product that delivers a quick car wash than the similar products. Because of its revolutionary new method of washing, it can clean your car less than 15 minutes without the need for water rinsing or drying.

Unique Formulation: This Prolong Super Lubricants is made with a unique formula that features special lubricating agents to encapsulate dirt, tree sap, tar, and bugs very easily. It will not damage the paint in any way.

Safe: It is safe for conventional and clear-coated paints. You can apply it in the sun or shade. Moreover, it is offering an environmentally friendly option requiring no buckets, hoses, rinsing or drying.

Useful in Various Fields: It is designed to clean most exterior car surfaces including paint, chrome, plastic trim, painted plastic, wheel rims, headlight covers, and glass. You can also use it to clean your motorcycle or boat.

Tolerable Smell: Some products are come with a bad smell. But you do not need to think about its smell because it is included with a citrus-based smell that is tolerable to everyone.


We have analyzed a lot and tried our best to show you one of the best products available in the market. We think you are impressed with this waterless car wash. If you purchase it according to our recommendation, you will be happy with its performance for sure.