DPAccessories LCB3L2HE-BK04LK5 Black Wheel Locks Review

You are in an emergency to attend a meeting and left the restaurant without finishing your food. But when you come to your car, you found that a wheel of your car is missing. Can you imagine the situation? If you do not want to experience this kind of situation, you need a wheel lock. It will save your car wheel from the criminals who are finding a chance to steal your car wheel.

There are a lot of wheel locks in the market and it will be difficult for you to choose a good one. Thinking about your problem, we are here with DPAccessories LCB3L2HE-BK04LK5 Black Wheel Locks. We have analyzed for a long time to find the best products and got it as one of the best.

Below, we will tell you everything about the product. If you have a little bit idea about a wheel lock, then you will realize why we are calling it one of the best.

1. DPAccessories LCB3L2HE-BK04LK5 Black Wheel Locks 1/2-20 Closed End Bulge Acorn 3/4 & 13/16 Locking Lug Nuts Wheel Lock Set


Upgraded Security: It is made with upgraded security for wheels and tires. Its unique key-to-lock combinations will save your wheels and tires against the criminal who are finding a chance to steal them. It has one locking lug nut for every wheel and one additional lock for spare tire.

Fits Perfectly: It fits perfectly to the vehicles that have ½-20 thread wheel studs and wheels that support a conical 60-degree seat with either a ¾ in. or 13/16 in. hex.

Durability: These wheel locks are made with cold-forged and heat-treated steel. For this reason, it will last for a long time. If we talk about temperature and weather changes, the locks are fared well against them. Another important thing is that the locks will not corrode easily.

Security: To increase the security of your car wheels, the wheel locks have come with a closed-end bulge.

Key Replacement: Sometimes, a key can be damaged or even lost. Considering this problem, DPAccessories will provide you extra facility to replace your damaged or lost key. If you send the key card to DPAccessories, it will send you a new one in no time.


These are the important facts of the wheel locks. We hope you are impressed with these features because they are quite enough to impress you. We are recommending you to purchase it without any doubt rather than analyzing more because we have showed you the best one after analyzing a lot. If you keep faith in us, you will be happy with its performance.