How to clean your car to be safe from coronavirus?

Now, the world is in a threat, and it is Coronavirus (COVID-19). Though it was first identified in Wuhan, China, it has spread the whole world. Now, it is impossible to think a day without thinking about this epidemic. If you start to watch TV, you will get the news of this virus in the breaking news section. When you read the newspaper, you will find it as the lead news of the day. In a word, we go the bed to sleep after knowing the update of the virus and start our day doing the same thing. We all are trying not to go outside, but sometimes we have to go for our basic needs. Most of us are trying to avoid public transport to be safe and using our personal car, and many of us are very tensed about the safety in the car from coronavirus. To give a fruitful answer to this question, our researcher team has researched a lot, and finally, I am here to tell you in details.

Transmission of Corona

At first, I am going to tell you how the virus transmitted. The World Health Organizer (WHO) says it can spread from person to person through small droplets from nose or mouth, which are spread when you with this virus coughs or exhales. These droplets can take place around your objects and surfaces. If you touch these objects or surfaces and then touch your eyes, nose, or mouth, there is a big chance to be affected. It can also be spread if you are in touch with a man who is affected by it. If he coughs or sneezes near you, and when you breathe in the droplets, you will be affected.

The ways it spread in your vehicle

Now I will tell you how the virus spread in vehicles. The interior of your car contains many different kinds of surfaces, from leather and metal to rubber and plastic. If you share airspace with an infected person, and he touches the surfaces, the virus will spread where the person touched, or even the airspace after he has left. According to numerous studies, the virus can persist in the air for up to three hours. In the case of stainless steel and plastic, it can last up to two to three days. Another study claims that it can survive on inanimate surfaces like metal, glass, or plastic for about nine days.

Keep Sanitizer With You

As Covid-19 can take place in the interior or exterior of your car, you should be very aware of it. Think, before getting into the car, you will have to open the door that can contain the virus. After entering, you will touch the seat belt and then the steering, and the virus will spread. So, before doing that, you will have to clean your hands. If there are no water and handwash, you can use a hand sanitizer, containing at least 60% alcohol. It will help you to reduce the spread.

Right Tool

You can reduce the chance of spreading this virus if you have the right tool. Scientists are researching continuously but they can not invent any medicine as its remedy. The good news is that you can disinfect and kill the virus on the external surfaces. You can keep your car clean and safe during this outbreak. The experts say use disposable gloves while cleaning or dedicating reusable gloves for COVID-19 disinfection purposes only. You can use EPA-registered household disinfectants and here is an approved list of effective cleaners including  In this respect, you should keep in mind that all the cleaners are not safe for every car surfaces. So, you will choose one which suits your car's surface. As an easy solution, you can keep a tube of disinfectant wipes in your car.

Avoid Bleach

You can think to use bleach or hydrogen peroxide on the interior of your car to kill the coronavirus. Yeah, it will do its job properly but you should not use it because it will damage the vinyl and plastic of your car. You should not use any ammonia-based product. It breaks down the vinyl on the dashboard and makes it sticky.

What Experts Say

According to a car expert, "For the DIY crowd, a good place to start is with CDC guidelines for cleaning. Their website has a complete list of household cleaners available on their website that can actually kill coronavirus. A lot of products listed as certified, unfortunately, are not safe to use on all surfaces in your car. For most of the safer products to be effective, you need to leave the product on the surface for three minutes or more and allow it to air dry. It's very important to follow the manufacturer labels. More often than not they will tell you what surfaces are safe to use the products on as well as safety precautions when using the products."

Don't Share Riding

One thing for you to keep in mind that you should not share riding. If your car comes in contact with several people, it can be a potential source of infections. You know the virus can lasts 2-7 days in your car and it may affect you. So, you should avoid sharing your car with others.


The Coronavirus is now considered the world threat. It was declared as a world health emergency. Almost, about 180 countries have been affected by the disease. When I am writing the article, the number of affected people is 286,805, total death is 11,889, and the numbers are increasing day by day. So, try to be distant from the virus and ensure safe driving.