How to view Tesla dashcam footage: Insider Tips

As a modern car, Tesla designed its unique way, unique style, and unique structure. And one of the most crucial features of Tesla is the Dashcam. 

Which allows the driver to record everything on the road including safety. And If you want to know how to view Tesla dashcam footage. Then read it now and watch the footage whenever you want.

What is Tesla dashcam footage?

Before we begin some of the things you must know about the dashcam to get the fullest advantages. 

Because the more you know about it. The more you'll discover its powerful design for your luxury and the safest ride all your road. Simply dashcam footage record the vehicle's journey using the windshield. It contains 20 minutes of real-time driving footage which also saves automatically. Primarily, it finds out there while driving. Because when the engine gets any thereat while driving, it starts recording and also the alarm gets activated. The beauty of the dashcam it will notify you instantly what's happening inside the vehicle. 

If any incident occurs inside it will let you know so you can instantly take action. So the questions arise how can you activate the dashcam for this? The process is really simple. Just turn on the Sentry Mode for your car touchscreen. 

Now tap  'Controls' > 'Safety & Security' > 'Sentry Mode.

It will start working itself.

Why Tesla dashcam footage is crucial?

You must know why you’re using it before knowing how to view Tesla dashcam footage. Because the modern Tesla dashcam has a very crucial job to maintain. As a dashboard camera, it captures the road situation while driving as well as takes the interior video to show if there is any problem happening inside. For example, as you drive for a long, there are many unexpected consequences that can happen on the road. 

Sometimes it is outside, sometimes its interior function. Where the dashcam captures both conditions of your driving operation. 

It also helps you to notice the emergency alert and insurance on your ride.

Benefits OF Tesla Dashcam 

There are a few benefits the dashcam takes that you can also enjoy for your advantage. 

The biggest part you discover is the accident alert. It will tell you what fault is inside your vehicle and road as well.

This allows you to take the necessary right decision and ride safely every time you drive. 

Another thing is it also saves you money a big amount. Becuase when you know what's happening inside the vehicle it will automatically help you to do what it requires before getting the big damage.

The final advantage is that law enforcement's purpose is to investigate accidents and reckless rides.

So save yourself in many ways as you are careful about the dashcam.

How does Tesla dashcam footage work?

First, as your car is in the park, touch the ICON display. Don't worry about privacy for any reason. Because your video saves locally on the memory. So it would not be shared with the tesla. 

And the Model X stays unrecorded while the Dashcom is switched off. The way it works is primarily when the car is on. Secondly, when any collision happens on the road the dashcam starts recording automatically.

How to view Tesla dashcam footage?

Watching the footage from the dashcam is never so hard whatsoever.  

And interestingly, Tesla updated the Model 3 to the latest version, which is 10.2. 

This allows you to see the previous footage on  Sentry mode on your car screen whenever you need it.

As you can see, all the footage was recorded using the camera front and side around. 

To watch the footage, first, touch the car dashcam ICON on the screen top right.

It also looks like another tiny camera. 

You can save or view the footage all you want. To watch it, tap on the "Launch viewer" to see the recorded clip. If you're on the drive, when you touch the ICON itself save the footage permanently. 

Don't overwhelm yourself with the footage clips' security. It will store in your local memory, as we talked about earlier.

How longer the dashcam can store the video footage?

It depends on the memory you buy. The minimum memory of the Tesla is 64. Where you can store 7-8 hours of videos and format. And the video will save at 1080P with it's sufficient for most users. 

How does the dashcam record the video?

Tesla Dashcam camera is designed as a 360-degree wide view. When your car is in the park, it automatically starts recording to save your car from a thief or threat of any kind. 

The beautiful part is the "Sentry Mode" which is mainly the alarm system and lets you know what going on in your car, whether you are there or not.

What is the Sentry Dashcam?

It's an app that let the car owner know and view the car inside out and track the safety if it resumes. And the beautiful part is it helps you watch the footage 2X, 5X, and 10X speed only the special events of your journey. Whci you can also share your social media if your want to.

How long does the Tesla footage last?

In most cases, it depends on the user's requirements. Generally, the driver can manually record the video any time he wants. And save the footage in the storage. Primarily it captures 10-20 minutes of driving videos and saves them automatically.

What is the longest video footage of the Tesla?

As it contains a big amount of storage you can save it up to 4 hours at HD quality. Where every 32 gb memory contains 2 hours of footage. 

So the more memory you have the longer you can save the video. For example, if your memory is 64 and 128 GB then you can easily save the footage from 4 hours to 8 hours long or as long as you want.

How much battery power the Tesla needs for the dashcam?

Based on the Tesla-built system it doesn't take so much battery power whatsoever. Because the car itself has a massive battery size where the dash cam takes a tiny amount of power that doesn't cost anything from the real power from the car.

What If I use the 256 Gb storage for the dashcam?

Most users don't need it. But if you want to hassle-free storage while saving the footage for your own reason you can use it. Generally the 256 GB records 26 hours of nonstop footage for extended use.

What are the disadvantages of the dashcam?

As it contains many benefits together. It also has some disadvantages if you care about it too much. 

Some drivers stay focused on the dashcam while driving too much. It can easily distract you from the road which can lead to an accident. So now as you know how it works then surely you will focus on your riding and smartly deal with every sequence of the road that can happen.


So there is the crucial component of the testy dashcam. And when you are about to know how to view Tesla dashcam footage then you may already watch it as you need. And before we finish, one thing I want to mention is that: when you are on the road, the dashcam acts as a friend on your ride. Not only that it also works your total security and emergency to save you from many unexpected sequences as you drive along. 

Let's take it carefully and have a safe ride.